QUIET COMES THE DAWN (2019) Russian nightmare horror


Quiet Comes the Dawn is a 2019 Russian horror film about a young woman attempting to deal with her brother’s mysterious death.

Directed by Pavel Sidorov – making his feature directorial debut – from a screenplay written by Evgeny Kolyadintsev, the movie stars Aleksandra Drozdova, Aleksandr Molochnikov, Anna Slyu and Oksana Akinshina. Produced by Dmitriy Litvinov and Vladislav Severtsev (Queen of Spades: The Looking Glass; The Bride).


Following her brother’s mysterious death, and now haunted by disturbing nightmares, a distraught young woman is persuaded to take part in an experiment at the Institute of Somnology. She and three other patients are jointly immersed in a lucid dream. However, after dawn breaks, they awaken in a completely different reality, a living nightmare…


The way in which Quiet Comes the Dawn has been edited makes the film feel disjointed at times as it struggles to build tension […] Despite its thought-provoking concept, Quiet Comes the Dawn just leaves confusion in its wake. Suffering from a loss of momentum and pace just hampers the overall delivery of the movie leading to a lacklustre climax.” Horror Cult Films

“Aside from my stupid comments about good-looking actors and awful final song, Quiet Comes the Dawn is a very entertaining, spooky and fast-paced movie. It’s got some major flaws that make it frustrating since without them it would’ve been a fantastic film. However, I’m sure most horror fans who look for a scary, thrilling ride would enjoy it.” Horror World and Reviews

“With visuals reminiscent of […] Cronenberg and Polanski, the themes found in films like Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors and Flatliners, and a huge dollop of sheer terrifying nightmare fuel, Quiet Comes the Dawn is another exciting genre export from Russia that should be on the radar of horror fans everywhere.” Nerdly

” …you wouldn’t know this was director Pavel Sidorov’s first feature. Despite the characters and plot being so poorly sketched, he carries the film well from dramatic opening through crazy sets and horrible monsters and out the other side so well that I could easily see him making a film as successful as Silent Hill, say. Just not this time.” Ready Steady Cut!

Cast and characters:

Aleksandra Drozdova … Sveta
Aleksandr Molochnikov … Kirill
Anna Slyu … Lilya
Oksana Akinshina … Mama
Kuzma Kotrelev … Anton
Miroslav Pentsov … Anton as a child
Anastasiya Kuimova … Nastya
Oleg Vasilkov … Vitaliy
Valeriy Kukhareshin … Laberin
Maria Ushakova … Receptionist (as Mariya Unzhakova)

Original title:

Rassvet [“Dawn”]


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