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‘He shall fear no evil’
Red Letters is a 2019 American horror film about two private investigators whose assignment leads them into the hands of darkness. Neither investigator is prepared for what lays in wait. Also known as Red Letters: Fear No Evil

Written, directed and starring Jim Klock (Slayed; 6:66 P.M.; Massacre on Aisle 12), with Brendan Mullins acting as story consultant), the Code 3 Films production also stars Mike Capozzi, Chad Ridgely and Kyra Kennedy (Slayed).

A deputy vanishes without a trace while responding to a burglary call. Private investigator Jim Knowles is a retired homicide detective and Mike Gaston is a retired theology professor, who specialises in cases that deal with the dark side of evil. Both men are requested to lend their assistance to this small-town police force in rural New Jersey.

Knowles, a non-believer in both God and Satan, is convinced that people who commit a crime and use the Devil as an excuse are merely using an insanity defence. Gaston, his partner, however, is a man of deep faith and conviction. Gaston believes that the Devil is real and is constantly on the prowl for people’s souls. In a fight between good and evil, both men will embark on a journey that leads them into the hands of darkness, whom neither is prepared for…

“For the most part, Red Letters comes off rather nicely in spite of a few limitations […] most of this is accomplished more by dialog with essentially two people for the majority of the film which could somewhat of an issue for those looking for a more lively experience since this produces an overly talky setup…” Horror Screams Video Vault

“The investigation scenes are passable, although Klock demonstrates the failing of amateur filmmakers in that much of the show consists of himself and Capozzi sitting around in a series of static scenes having conversations with people they question and little action.” Moria

“For someone who has had previous experience of investigating satanic cults it felt a bit strange that not only did Jim not know what ‘Old Nick’ was a reference to, but he also didn’t seem to realise what the word ‘Legion’ referred to […] I have seen far worse films of this type with much higher budgets (Incarnate springs to mind) at least this was engaging with the story it was trying to tell.” The Rotting Zombie

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Cast and characters:
Jim Klock … Jim Knowles
Mike Capozzi … Mike Gaston
Chad Ridgely … Scott Crenshaw
Kyra Kennedy … Pat Cooper
Robin F. Baker … Robin Harley
Chris Hubbart … Deputy Cooper
Marsi Fluehr … Waitress
Emily Adams … Emily Whitsen
Michelle Snow … Little Girl
Jake Ficken … Roger Tortons
Alyssa Martinelli … Martha Tanners
Christian Campana … Carl Morganstein
Darrell Martinelli … Steven Smithfields

Warning: This film is faith-based and so pushes a Christian message.
Ignore the 9/10 and 10/10 fake reviews on IMDb.
Not to be confused with the Peter Coyote-Nastassia Kinsi thriller Red Letters (2000).

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