DORCHA (2020) Preview of British demonic horror


‘Two women. Two centuries. One dark fate.’

Dorcha is a 2020 British film about a young couple that stay in a cursed house in Ireland and encounter witchcraft and demons.

Written and directed by Tharun Mohan, making his feature debut. Produced by Tharun Mohan and Honey Subin, the movie stars Amelia Eve, Adam Bond, Jo Hart, Katherine Hartshorne and Cyril Blake.


Lisa and David, a writer and an entrepreneur couple from London travel to Ballyvadlea, Ireland for their working holiday. The short trip was planned so that Lisa could start on her second book and David could work on his startup business plan. However, unbeknownst to either of them, the house where they are staying was built on ground that was cursed.

Lisa’s curiosity leads her to the discovery of the personal memoirs of Niav, the mysterious woman who once lived at the property a century ago, hence opening the long-closed doors and in doing so awakens the demons within.

David’s only hope comes in the form of George, the wandering priest who has a story to tell…


Dorcha premiered at the Marché Du Film at the Cannes Film Festival on 23rd June 2020.

Cast and characters:

Amelia Eve … Lisa
Adam Bond … Brian O’Connor
Jo Hart … Aliah O’Conner
Katherine Hartshorne … Niav O’Connor
Cyril Blake … David
Ivan Murphy … Doctor Henson
Michelle Archer … Roisin
Marian Elizabeth … Jane
Nicholas Gauci … Trevor
Natali Servat … Danielle
Gillian Kirkpatrick … Cailleach Bán
Mary Drake … Claire
Christopher Anson … Edward James
John Sugden … George
Max Gregor … Young George
Honey Subin … Witch’s attendant II