SHARKS OF THE CORN (2021) Preview of corny comedy horror


‘You’re gonna need a bigger hoe’

Sharks of the Corn is a 2021 American comedy horror film about people terrorised by a strange cult and stalked by Great White sharks.

Directed by Tim Ritter (Creep; Killing Spree; Truth or Dare? A Critical Madness; Day of the Reaper) reuniting with producers Larry Joe Treadway (Twisted Illusions 2)  and Al Nicolosi (Killing Spree) for the first time in many decades. The movie stars Shannon Stockin (Hi-Fear; Her Name Was Christa), Ford Windstar, Steve Guynn and Casey Miracle.


Strange things are happening in Druid Hills, Kentucky, known mainly for its voluminous corn output. Victims of monsters in cornfields begin cropping up, and witnesses are saying there are “large Great White sharks swimming in the corn stalks!” Meanwhile, serial killer Teddy Bo Lucas is arrested for killing dozens of people using shark jaws and teeth as weapons. Chief Vera Scheider (Shannon Stockin) is caught in the middle, trying to figure out if her missing twin sister Lorna might be one of them.

When Teddy agrees to take her to one of his prime burial sites in a cornfield, an insane chain of events unfold that no-one is prepared for, pitting the Druid Hills townsfolk against an outrageous shark worshipping cult that is planning to take over the world, one cornfield at a time! And their main protectors are jaw-snapping sharks of the corn!


Presales began on January 14th 2021 with copies expected to ship around mid-March 2021. Only 200 Blu-rays and 25 VHS will be sold. Order direct from SRS Cinema

Cast and characters:

Shannon Stockin … Scheider / Lorna / Shark Godess / Redneck
Ford Windstar … Jonathan Gottlieb
Steve Guynn … Teddy Bo Lucas
Casey Miracle … Benchley
Al Nicolosi … Kramer
Thomas Kindler … Mr. Mello
Rebecca Rinehart … Susan
Adventurer / Cornfield Victim
Billy W. Blackwell … Angel
Zoey Bush … Biff
Tim Ritter … Harry Grossman
Jason Boyd … Gary / Alien / Robber / Delivery Guy / Monster / Redneck

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Teaser trailer: