CRAZY SPIDER (2021) Preview of Chinese monster movie


Crazy Spider is a 2021 Chinese action horror film about genetic research that results in a giant mutated spider.

Directed by Hong Kong director Ye Zhaoyi, and produced by screenwriter Tang Yajie and Xiong Xiaoli.


Researcher Jiang Zhe from Yuansheng Technology has used the enzymes in spiders to study the scientific results of nullifying pollution through the biological system of spiders when it is spun into webs.

Unfortunately, this achievement also creates an unforgivable evil for the environment. After the spider has been modified, it grows giant-sized. Researcher Jiang Zhe’s daughter is captured by the mutated spider and faced imminent death. Jiang Zhe desperately tries to rescue his daughter. On the way, he sees the devastation caused by his research results. So-called ‘Spider-Island’ has been overrun by mutated spiders…


The film will be released online via the Youku streaming channel on January 28, 2021.

Original title:

狂暴魔蛛 “Berserker”