THE GHOST TANK (2020) Preview of sci-fi serial killer pic


‘What happens when you die’

The Ghost Tank is a 2020 Canadian science-fiction film about detectives hunting a serial killer who has seemingly returned from the dead.

Written and directed Blaise Kolodychuk (Night of the Shadow People;  World of the Uncanny), the SC Entertainment production stars Frankie van Rooyen, Randolph West, Beth Murray and Jennifer Hartley.


Detectives Beetrice and Charleenkaw are on the case when a dead serial killer from the 1980s has come back to commit a string of bizarre murders in Calgary. Luckily they are helped not only by a brilliant scientist but also one of the victims.

Leaping back and forth between our world and the ghost world, the clues come together and culminate in a supernatural, time travel, terrifying time…

Cast and characters:

Frankie van Rooyen … Pete (as Frankie VanRooyen)
Randolph West … Lacey
Beth Murray … Detective Beetrice
Jennifer Hartley … Detective Charleenkaw (as Jennifer Illanes)
Troy Fyhn … Scrapbook
Chengis Javeri … Mr Stevens
Rene Gonzalez … Charlie
Stella Williams … Mindy
Mary Armstrong … Susan Bleacher
Johnny Auchie … Barry the Bartender
Vincent Barnard … Dad with no Face
Elaine Boyling … Vanessa Valentine
Blain Covert … Kelsey Loftman
Abigail Guerra … Jenny Bleacher
Rio Illanes … Ancient Prophet

Filming locations:

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Technical details:

97 minutes
16×9 HD

Official trailer:

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