THE UNLIT (2021) Preview of Australian witchcraft horror


The Unlit is a 2021 Australian horror film about a young woman who returns to her hometown to discover witchcraft is rife.

Directed by Kate Whitbread from a screenplay written by Darren Markey, the movie stars Cassandra Magrath, Kevin Hofbauer, Lee Mason and John Voce.


When Claire returns to the country town of her upbringing, she discovers her former home in the grip of terrifying witchcraft. Claire arrives to find the town in the grip of fear, decay and madness. The streets are deserted, livestock is perishing, locals have fled – and those remaining whisper mad tales of a shadow that visits the town at night seeking blood.

With her uncle now a shell of the man he once was, living in an abandoned asylum, Claire seeks out answers as to the fate of her dead mother – only to come face to face with a terrible evil clan of which her mother is the leader…

Cast and characters:

Cassandra Magrath … Claire Nash
Kevin Hofbauer … Will James
Lee Mason … Terrence Walker
John Voce … Clifford Armstrong
Nicholas Denton … Luke Dawson
Susan Vasiljevic … Sarah Nash (apparition)
Francesca Waters … Sarah Nash
Nikola Dubois … Jen Foster
Maddy Vasiljevic … Young Claire Nash
Gigi Vasiljevic … Claire’s Daughter Sarah
Ryan A. Murphy … Ben Rogers
Lauren Bailey … Kate Healy (Woman in the bath)
Isabelle Altmann … Michelle Black
Erica Chestnut … Rachel Miller
Torin Cooney … Boy In Blue

Working title:

Witches of Blackwood


Based upon the movie’s Facebook page principal photography seems to have been shot in December 2017 and early 2018.