AWAIT THE DAWN (2020) Reviews of sci-fi horror


‘She’s done waiting… now she wants in’

Await the Dawn is a 2020 American science-fiction horror film about a desperate young man who takes a troubled family hostage in their RV. Unfortunately, they discover he’s running from something more dangerous than he is.

Written and directed by Pablo Macho Maysonet IV (The Red Suit; DeadHouse), the Shattered Dreams Productions-Triple G Productions movie stars Dee Wallace (Red ChristmasHansel & Gretel; Cujo; The Howling), Vernon Wells, Courtney GainsBruce Davison and Josh Server.


Annie (Dee Wallace) is a desperate mother travelling cross country with her family to seek professional treatment for her daughter’s drug addiction. Their plans are quickly derailed as Howard (Josh Server), a desperate man with a terrible secret, ambushes their RV at gunpoint. With little to no reason given, he instructs them to transport him as far away as possible.

However, they are quickly cut off by a mysterious nine-year-old girl. She may seem like a sweet all American girl, but deep inside, she harbours an immense otherworldly evil. The troubled family must now put their trust in their captor, as they try to survive the night… and Await the Dawn.


“The gore effects seem to be all practical and quite nicely done […] Writer/director Pablo Macho Maysonet IV (DeadHouse, The Red Suit) doesn’t give us anything groundbreaking or game-changing in Await the Dawn […] But it is a lot of fun, something missing from too many films lately.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

Dee Wallace … Annie
Vernon Wells … Zed
Courtney Gains … Doctor Hewitt
Bruce Davison … David
Josh Server … Howard
Hannah Leigh … Jane
Gabrielle Stone … Lana
Camillia Monet … Mrs Argento
Jonathan Stoddard … Neal
Hannah Strasser … Maggie
Joy Goodman … Monster Maggie
Gregg Christie … Stephen
Lovlee Carroll … Emma
Chris Levine … Ron
Bobby Reed … Bobby

Filming locations:

Corriganville, Ray Corrigan Ranch, Simi Valley, California

Technical details:

Aspect ratio: 2.35: 1


MOVIES and MANIA comment and rating:

Await the Dawn is a hilariously overwrought exercise in claustrophobic sci-fi horror claptrap, so kudos to the committed cast for keeping straight faces throughout this delightfully daft endeavour. This is highly entertaining lower budget nonsense which boasts some great practical gore effects and is up there with the best tosh that The Asylum or the Syfy channel has to offer. Ahem.

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