GO AWAY (2022) Preview of home invasion horror – now with Thom Mathews



‘5 intruders, 4 hours, 3 floors, 2 exits, 1 problem’

Go Away is a 2022 American home invasion horror film about a family gathering that becomes a nightmare for both the guests and the invaders.

Written and directed by David Kerr (Bloody Summer Camp; Return of the Slasher Nurse; Curse of the Slasher Nurse), the movie stars Thom Mathews, Felissa Rose, Shawn C. Phillips, Tuesday Knight, Julie Anne Prescott, Daniel John Kearney, Xander Goldman and Jeremy Spencer.


During a family gathering, dinner is interrupted by a knock at the door. Five intruders take the guests hostage and put them through a series of sadistic games. As the night goes on, the intruders realise they also may have something to fear…


Slasher 15 Productions has raised its production budget but has an IndieGoGo campaign to add extra value to the movie.

Cast and characters:

Thom Mathews … TBA
Felissa Rose … Mary
Shawn C. Phillips … Officer Ledbetter
Tuesday Knight … Sherry
Julie Anne Prescott … Jill Korek
Daniel John Kearney
Xander Goldman … Policeman
Jeremy Spencer … Intruder

Teaser trailer:

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