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‘Beauty is the beast’
Medusa is a 2020 British supernatural horror film about a young woman who is bitten by a strange snake. Thereafter, her life begins to take a sharp turn for the worst as a deadly virus plagues her body. Also known as Medusa: Queen of the Serpents

Directed by Matthew B.C. (short: Connective Tissue) – making his feature directorial debut – from a screenplay co-written with producer and editor Scott Jeffrey (director of Cannibal TrollRats RebornBad Nun: Deadly VowsDon’t SpeakCupidClownDoll).

The Jagged Edge production stars Megan Purvis (The Mutation; Hatched; Conjuring the Genie; Rise of the Mummy), Sarah T. Cohen (HellKatCupidWitches of Amityville Academy), Nicola Wright (Dragon Fury; HatchedDon’t Speak), Nicole Nabi (Exorcist Vengeance; Cannibal Troll; Dinosaur Hotel; Bats) and Jamila Martin-Wingett.


“B.C. and Jeffrey have […] done a lot with not much at all here. Some impressive rural photography and great turns from some of Jeffrey’s regulars in unusual (for them) roles – namely Cohen and Wright – make this a slow-burn delight with a solid heart.” Dark Eyes of London

“The first feature from co-writer and director Matthew B.C., Medusa: Queen of the Serpents is quite the calling card for this new talent – he’s obviously made the most of what he had with this film, with the script and performances shining despite the films obvious budgetary limitations…” Nerdly

“With strong females leading Medusa’s charge, this film works better than expected because it deals with characters who are on the very edge of society and makes them sympathetic. Don’t go in for the horror. Go in for the characters. You will be rewarded. This is not an easy task, but the film’s director handles making them sympathetic well.” Reel Reviews

Medusa: Queen of the Serpents premiered at the Soho Horror Film Festival in London in 2020.

New Era Entertainment will be releasing Medusa across the US and Canada on 6th July and the UK on July 19th 2021. The film will receive a full home entertainment release, with a day-and-date DVD and Premium TVOD, followed by a full digital release.

Cast and characters:
Megan Purvis … Carly Beacon
Sarah T. Cohen … Simone
Nicola Wright… Val
Stephanie Lodge … Elsa
Ricardo Freitas … John
Jamila Martin-Wingett … Alexis
Nicole Nabi … Maura
Thomas Beatty … Jimmy
James Robertson … Shy guy
Joshua Samuels … Tanktop
Brahmdeo Ramana … John
Amanda-Jade Tyler … Cult Member
Kate Sandison … Cult Member
Antonia Johnstone … Cult Member
Mya Brown … Cult Member

Filming locations:
Canterbury, Kent, England

Technical details:
87 minutes


MOVIES and MANIA says:
Matthew B.C.’s directorial debut is a distinct step up for Scott Jeffrey productions and includes some stylish shots we are not used to in such offerings. It begins slowly more like a drama and depicts the kind of unfortunate exploitation of vulnerable young women by scumbag men that goes on around the world.

After the gradual build-up, the horror and revenge elements finally come to the fore. This also provides some of the regulars in these low budget Brit flicks the chance to actually act rather than spout Z movie dialogue. The downside is the initially languid pace which may mean some viewers lose interest. Tighter editing by Mr Jeffrey and a soundtrack mixed higher would have given it more oomph. Still, a thumbs up for Matthew B.C. and the cast.

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