ASSAULT ON VA-33 (2021) Reviews and overview

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‘Die Hard on steroids’

Assault on VA-33 is 2021 American action thriller film about a group of terrorists who take over an army veteran’s hospital. Also known as Assault on Station 33

Directed by Christopher Ray from a screenplay written by Scott Thomas Reynolds, the DeInstitutionalized production stars Sean Patrick Flanery, Michael Jai White, Mark Dacascos and Weston Cage Coppola.


Decorated veteran and PTSD sufferer, Jason Hill (Flanery) meets his wife, Jennifer, for lunch at the Veteran’s Affairs hospital where she works. After Jennifer is called away for an emergency consultation with the head of the US Military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, the hospital is taken hostage by heavily armed terrorists. Jason becomes the last line of defence and must battle the terrorists and his own PTSD induced demons to save his wife, the General, the hospital’s staff and patients…


“Overall, Assault on VA-33 is a big disappointment as the potential was there with that cast but they are all wasted in cheap action scenes with zero thrills. The only highlight was a fight between Sean Patrick Flanery and Mark Dacascos but I’m afraid I’ll have to recommend avoiding this one.” The Action Elite

” …budgetary constraints mean that there’s very little waste in this film […] If you’re a fan of these type of Die Hard-esque genre films (like me) or just love a good action movie no matter the budget, cast or size, then Assault on Station 33 is definitely worth a watch!” Nerdly

“There are some good action scenes, but there’s also far too much talking and so-so characters. The fact it’s bookended with the same showdown at an airport feels a) really cheap and b) a little too much like Die Hard 4.0. If you have 90 minutes to kill, then slip your brain into neutral and enjoy, but those expecting a fresh twist on a very familiar story will be sorely disappointed.” On: Yorkshire Magazine

Assault on VA-33 is crap thrown together with zero regards for continuity or logic. It’s not worth sitting through the tedium and stupidity for the burst of action in the last few minutes. Apart from Flanery vs. Dacascos, it’s mostly routine gunfire and CGI blood anyway” Voices from the Balcony

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Cast and characters:

Sean Patrick Flanery … Jason Hill
Michael Jai White … Chief Malone
Mark Dacascos … Jackson
Weston Cage Coppola … Adrian Rabikov
Abigail Hawk … Mrs Welch
Gina Holden … Jennifer Hill
Rob Van Dam … Zero
Gerald Webb … General Welch
Rachel True … Sasha
Brittany Underwood … Vee
Richard Gabai … Eric
Max Adler … Reino
Peter Johnson … Officer Charlie
Tim McKiernan … Max
Ron J. Rock … Moriz


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