THE CHAMBER OF TERROR (2021) Preview of comedy horror



‘The Lord giveth. The chamber taketh away…’

The Chamber of Terror is a 2021 Canadian comedy horror film about a man’s mission of vengeance against a crime family. Unfortunately, this leads to a collision course with something far more sinister!

Written and directed by Michael Pereira – making his feature debut (shorts: Is This Really Happening?; Zandavi Lives; Deathbox; Spookslayers).

The Panic Button Films-Shocking Dark production stars Timothy Paul McCarthy (Psycho Goreman; ABCs of Death 2), Jessica Vano (The Demolisher; Deadsight), Seth O’Shea, Ian Dyck, Sigourney McAuley and Ry Barrett (Lifechanger; The Hoard; The Heretics).



Currently filming in Toronto, Canada.


Writer-director Michael Pereira has asserted that The Chamber of Terror will be a “splatter-packed fun romp.”

Cast and characters (where known):

Timothy Paul McCarthy … Nash Caruthers
Jessica Vano
Seth O’Shea … Tyler Ackerman
Ian Dyck
Sigourney McAuley … Casey
Ry Barrett
Ian Goff
Storm Steenson
Steve Kasan
Jason Tannis … Graham Hamilton

Technical details:

Aspect ratio: 1.85: 1


There is currently no teaser or trailer available for The Chamber of Terror