HERE BEFORE (2021) Reviews and overview of psychological thriller


Here Before is a 2021 British mystery thriller about a fragile, grief-stricken mother, whose new neighbours may or may not be what they seem.  Set in Northern Ireland.

Written and directed by Stacey Gregg, the movie stars Andrea Riseborough, Martin McCann, Jonjo O’Neill, Eileen O’Higgins, Lewis McAskie and Niamh Dornan.


“Gregg’s exploration of the depths of her trauma in Laura lead to some shocking turns and some absolutely spine-chilling and unnerving moments. Pairing Riseborough with Thomson’s cinematography, the film guides its spectators into some scary, immovable corners. At times, when her grief rises, it can be very intense, but that isn’t all the film goes for.” Discussing Film

“The reveal takes a little too long to get to and the build-up drops enough hints beforehand, so not too many people will be surprised. The second act might lose a few viewers because of slower pacing, but the third act pulls you back in with more unsettling trippiness as everything slams into place. Overall, Here Before is an enjoyable film…” Killer Horror Critic

“Riseborough is at the top of her game here, offering a sympathetic portrait of a woman so stricken by grief and clinging so tightly to memories of the past that she’s willing to allow everything unravel around her. Here Before doesn’t quite stick the landing, leaving a few dangling threads that could’ve used a bit more explanation, but it’s worth a watch for Riseborough’s excellent work.” The Lamplight Review

“The movie works best when it tells its story in grounded kitchen sink terms, but too often Gregg gets distracted and adds in dream sequences that have the dated feel of ’90s music videos. Attempts to make us believe there’s a supernatural element to the story never quite convince, and when the truth is revealed it underwhelms despite the best attempts of an overblown soundtrack to add more import to the drama.” The Movie Waffler

“It’s a harrowing version of such tragedy but depicted with much pathos and understanding, Gregg’s thoughtful film is truly beautiful, anchored by Riseborough’s compelling and electrifying turn that’s as good as anything she has accomplished in her still relatively fledgling career. Indeed, such is the nature of the narrative that it becomes something of a chilling thriller too…” The People’s Movies

Production companies:

BBC Films
Northern Ireland Screen
Pia Pressure
Rooks Nest Entertainment

Technical details:

83 minutes


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