PUNGO: A WITCH’S TALE (2020) Review and overview


‘Wrongs. Rage. Revenge.’

Pungo: A Witch’s Tale is a 2020 American supernatural fantasy horror film about two buddies who encounter a witch on a renovation job.

Written and directed by Philip J. Cook (Malice: Metamorphosis and sequels; Despiser; Invader), the movie stars Mark Hyde, Matthew Sharpe and Cathryn Benson.


A burned-out ex-Navy SEAL and an emotionally-damaged firefighter work together as handymen in rural Virginia. Things turn weird when a renovation job becomes a journey to another world to rescue their client from a witch bent on revenge…


” …Pungo: A Witch’s Tale is an enjoyably silly film. But with a few tweaks to the script could have been a good bit better. At an hour and forty-one minutes, it’s about ten minutes too long for starters […] But if you don’t mind that and some Asylum level CGI mixed in with the better stuff, Pungo: A Witch’s Tale will keep you amused.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

Mark Hyde … Bud Hays
Matthew Sharpe … Sam Dixon
Cathryn Benson … Grace Sherwood
Conor Marsh … William
Rick Jermain … Caleb
Justin Sisk … Chad
Mark Posey … Rawhands
Morgan Flanagan … Beth
Edyta Cousens … Villager
Ariel Edler … Villager
Norman Gagnon … Minion