THE VIRTUOSO (2021) Preview and release news for hitman thriller


‘Every betrayal begins with trust’

The Virtuoso is a 2021 American thriller about a hitman sent on a cryptic assignment who is entranced by an alluring woman.

Directed by Nick Stagliano from a screenplay written by James C. Wolf, the Nazz Productions movie stars Anthony Hopkins, Abbie Cornish, Anson Mount, Diora Baird and Eddie Marsan.

Danger, deception, and murder descend upon a sleepy country town when a professional assassin (Anson Mount) accepts a new assignment from his enigmatic mentor and boss (Anthony Hopkins). Given only where and when along with a cryptic clue, the methodical hitman must identify his mysterious mark from among several possible targets, including a local sheriff (David Morse).

Meanwhile, a chance encounter with an alluring woman (Abbie Cornish) at the town’s rustic diner threatens to derail his mission…

Release date:

Lionsgate Movies will release The Virtuoso theatrically in select locations and On-Demand on April 30th 2021.

Cast and characters:

Anthony Hopkins … The Mentor
Abbie Cornish … The Waitress
Anson Mount … The Virtuoso
Diora Baird … Johnnie’s Girl
Eddie Marsan … The Loner
David Morse … The Deputy
Richard Brake … Handsome Johnnie
Chris Perfetti … The Motel Clerk
Blaise Corrigan … Dude / Victim
Jenna Hellmuth … The Mom
Shay Guthrie … Camaro Girl
Ryan Jonze … Camaro Punk
Estelle Girard Parks … Young Woman
Lory Molino … Background
Basil Kershner … Pedestrian

Filming locations:

Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania