MALIBU HORROR STORY (2021) Reviews of paranormal horror

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‘Some mysteries should never be solved’
Malibu Horror Story is a 2021 American horror film about a team of paranormal investigators searching a sacred Indigenous American cave – hoping to find clues to the unsolved disappearance of four local teens. Formerly known as The Malibu Tapes

Written and directed by Scott Slone, the movie stars Tommy Cramer, Dylan Sprayberry, Robert Bailey Jr. and Jacob Hughes. Produced by Dustin Harris and Scott Slone.

“Its characters are still prone to contrived decision making that occasionally stretches plausibility, and many refuse to endear themselves to audiences […] Though not wholly successful, Slone’s unique structural approach, zippy pacing, and creature work at least push the needle forward slightly in found footage’s evolution.” 2.5/5 Bloody Disgusting

” …Malibu Horror Story is a look into the future of the first-person POV horror filmmaking technique. Slone’s knowledge of the subgenre and his ability to weave together both found footage and traditional narrative creates something that any horror fan will enjoy. Hybrid is the future of the subgenre and Slone is on the cutting edge.” 4/5 Dread Central

“This film has a lot to unpack. Yet it’s clear that the production team has a vast intricate knowledge (and love) of the found footage conceit. The production team takes the cinematography into a direction that breeds new ideas.” 8.7/10 Found Footage Critic

” …a glossy, effectively-made horror flick that mixes filmmaking techniques. It feels like a bold step forward for a subgenre that too often falls into the same cycles of repetition. Carrying the specificity of Native American folklore, Malibu Horror Story is too devilishly effective to resist.” 4/5 Josh at the Movies

” …the fake-outs don’t last long. Soon the things that pop up in the shadows are very, very freaky. Though it has its pitfalls, Malibu Horror Story is an impressive jaunt in the Found Footage space. Its finale is a little rushed, but there is some real technique and skill behind the camera.” 69% Nightmare on Film Street

Malibu Horror Story had its world premiere on the closing night of HorrorFest International and was also shown at Unnamed Footage Festival and Panic Fest.


Cast and characters:
Tommy Cramer … Jake Torrance
Dylan Sprayberry … Josh Davidson
Robert Bailey Jr. … Matt Thompson
Jacob Hughes … Tyler Clifford
Veno Miller … Carter Conley
Hector Gomez Jr. … Carlos Garcia
Valentina de Angelis … Ashley
Rebecca Forsythe … Jess
Troy James
Douglas Tait
Rick Chambers … Self
Carly Steel … News Reporter
Anita Bennett … News Reporter
Joshua Hoover … Lunch
Laura Seay … Sarah

Filming locations:
Malibu, California
Santa Clarita, California

Working title:
Malibu Horror Story

Teaser trailer:

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