PAINKILLER (2021) Preview of opioid epidemic vigilante killer thriller


‘This vigilante gives them a taste of their own medicine’

Painkiller is a 2021 American thriller about a grieving father taking vengeance on the white-collar criminals behind the opioid epidemic. As the killings mount up, he begins to reluctantly embrace his anti-hero status.

Directed by Mark Savage (Purgatory Road; Stressed to Kill; Circus of Dread; Sensitive New Age Killer) from a screenplay co-written with Tom Parnell, the Delirium production stars Michael Paré, Bill Oberst Jr., Alexander Pennecke and Scot Scurlock. Co-produced by Massimiliano Cerchi and Mark Savage.


Bill Johnson (Bill Oberst Jr.) has suffered the kind of loss that no parent should ever have to; watching his daughter fall victim to the opioid epidemic, which too long went unnoticed.

Conversely, Doctor Alan Rhodes (Michael Paré), has been leading a lavish lifestyle, thanks to the profits he’s been making from his prescription business. Seeing that no one is being held accountable, Bill sets out on a campaign targeting those made rich by the suffering of so many.

Teaming up with a rogue cop, they set out to dismantle this network of doctors and pharmaceutical executives that continue to devastate families across the country…

Release date:

In the USA, Painkiller will be available On-Demand, Digital and DVD via Cinedigm on May 4, 2021.

Cast and characters:

Michael Paré … Alan Rhodes
Bill Oberst Jr. … Bill Johnson
Alexander Pennecke … Rip
Scot Scurlock … Strauss
Austin Janowsky … Al
Pacey Liz Walker … Maya
Tom Parnell … Doc
Scott Gaver … The Man
Tracey Eman … Granny Maude
Liz DeCoudres … Penny Chambers
Kristina Beringer … Lisa
Eve Jordan Litchfield … Lori

Working title:

Stressed to Kill: Doctor’s Orders