LURKING WOODS (2015) Reviews and VOD release news


‘Who among your friends, would you value most?’

Lurking Woods is a 2015 Australian slasher horror film about six friends on a scavenger hunt in a cabin in the woods… with a masked killer!

Directed by Rizal Halim from a screenplay written by Desmond Hew. Produced by Darryl Westrup, Azman Yeop Jr. and director Rizal Halim.

The movie stars Troy Coward, Hope Devaney, Da niel Berenger, Chloe Brown, Kyle James Sargon, Dominique Shenton, Michael Rainone


Six friends get together for a long-overdue holiday at a cabin. The girls have organized a fun “seek and search” game, determining which guy they end up with. Little do they all know, a mysterious, masked killer has plans of his own to pick them off one by one…


“It’s a usual slasher film in which a bunch of friends head into the wilderness, only to find themselves stalked by a garden variety Michael Myers wannabe with almost zero screen presence. For most of the time, this is made up of stilted conversations between wooden actors standing around aimlessly, begging to be directed.” Leofwine_draca

“What makes this more than a formula slasher though is that it pushes its mystery elements, and the scavenger hunt premise sure is the perfect vehicle for this. And due to the heightened mystery element, the film stays fresh and manages to surprise throughout and comes across as a really nice genre ride.” Search My Trash


Lurking Woods was released On-Demand by Midnight Releasing on April 6, 2021.


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