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Red Snow is a 2021 American comedy horror film about a struggling vampire romance novelist who must defend herself against real-life vampires during Christmas in Lake Tahoe.

Written, directed and edited by Sean Nichols Lynch, the movie stars Dennice Cisneros, Nico Bellamy, Laura Kennon and Vernon Wells.


Red Snow is a comedy that raises smiles rather than belly laughs, and if you don’t warm to the kooky Olivia you may find it hard work. But it’s well cast and the snowy scenery is a bonus. There are some great lines […] it’s also surprisingly gory and the effects are good for something that was probably pretty small budget-wise.” Bloody Flicks

” …an incredibly fun concept and one that could’ve been truly entertaining had the right script been written. Sadly, the one that was used here – written by Lynch – simply doesn’t know how to be campy and self-aware. Instead, it seems as though he thought he was writing something legitimately good.” Caillou Pettis Movie Reviews


“The fleshed out story is not the only factor worthy of praise as the marriage between the setting and the overall aesthetic harmonises together to form a visual banquet. Olivia’s fondness for the macabre at Christmas time did make me chuckle […] Red Snow completely took me by surprise every step of the way, cementing itself as a solid entry into both vampire and holiday horror.” Dead Northern

“Olivia gets a lot more room for character development and Lynch, clearly alert to the troubling gender politics of genre favourites, isn’t about to let Luke get everything his way. The result is a film which, whilst modest in its ambitions, delivers well. It’s unlikely to enjoy the success of indulgent fantasies like Twilight, but it’s smart, funny and a solid piece of entertainment.” Eye for Film

Red Snow is a worthy entry into the history of vampires, Lynch presenting enough new material to be interesting, and plenty of homages and nods to the established to entertain. A fun fusion of The Lost Boys, True Blood and Die Hard, Red Snow is the Christmas vampire movie that you never knew you needed.” The Hollywood News

“The low-stakes action falters whenever someone stops to rant or make jokes, but it’s better done than it could have been […] The fitfully amusing, frequently smart Red Snow largely gets it right, thanks to likeable leads and a script that’s wittier than some.” Horror DNA

“Cisneros gives a wonderful performance, investing Olivia with a quirky personality, and balancing her insecurities in adulting with inner strength […] Lynch directs with verve, with an equally deft hand for the fright-fare set pieces and for comedy, along with some well-crafted poignant scenes.” Horror Fuel

“Without spoilers, though this has an underlying romantic sub-plot, expect plenty of the red stuff when the vampires need to feed. If you’re in the market for a vamp-rom-com-thriller with plenty of affectionate ribbing/staking to the genre, Red Snow is the biting satire for you.” iHorror

” …Red Snow is a low-budget production but well made with a lot of charm, a self-aware horror-comedy that examines what makes a good vampire story. It gives us enough references to make any fan of that sub-genre happy, and it all comes together to make a fun and fast-paced story that’s very meta and full of characters that are mostly likeable.” Killer Horror Critic

“There have been vampire/human two-person pieces before (Katt Shea Ruben’s Dance of the Damned is surprisingly influential) but this uses those precedents to conceal some plot surprises. Is Luke faking sensitivity to play up to Olivia’s fantasies? And does the writer have a spark of ruthlessness that monsters underestimate at their peril?” The Kim Newman Web Site

Red Snow is witty, fun, and well-paced throughout its lean 80-minute run time.” Morbidly Beautiful

” …if you’re down for something a little sweet mixed in with all that tangy blood, Red Snow is a real treat. It doesn’t reinvent the vampire wheel, but the unwillingness to compromise on Olivia’s character and the deliciously satisfying ending make this a refreshingly rare gem in its own right.” Nightmare on Film Street

“There are definite limitations revealed in how the story itself was executed, especially when more vampires got involved later on. Whether due to budget or time constraints, certain elements of Red Snow felt underdeveloped. The weakest link seemed to be Luke’s gang of vampires led by Laura Kennon’s Jackie.” Nightmarish Conjurings

“While the vampiric energy is solid, certain aspects of Red Snow, including supernatural assassins the Severon organisation, feel a little lacking […] Despite some flaws, Red Snow is a snappy and surprisingly bloody spin on the vampiric love story. While some elements feel a little rushed, the increased pace certainly heightens the energy of the climactic final act.” Sabina Stent

Red Snow is a movie that suggests a fairly conventional story, but it takes some clever and devious turns at unexpected moments. The film has a bunch of fun picking and choosing what vampire tropes it wants to adhere to and which ones it wants to break. And, within the sub-trope of Goth Fandom, I was surprised about a lot of Olivia’s motivations.” The Scariest Things

“There’s a great balance between the comedic elements and the threat, and the fact it works so well while weighing heavier on the former is a credit to Lynch. It never resorts to spoof, the humour coming naturally through the conversations and Olivia’s character […] it’s great to have a film that embraces absurdity and meta-references but still has bite.” Starburst

Red Snow had its world premiere at FrightFest.

In the UK and Eire, Red Snow will be available to rent and download from all digital platforms in UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Korea from December 6th 2021 Central City Media with a DVD and digital release scheduled in USA and Canada on December 28th 2021.

In the USA, Red Snow will be released on DVD by 4Digital Media on December 28th 2021.

Main cast and characters:
Dennice Cisneros … Olivia Romo
Nico Bellamy … Luke
Laura Kennon … Jackie
Vernon Wells … Julius King
Alan Silva … Brock
Edward Ewell … Simon
Olivia Pintz … Amy

Filming locations:
South Lake Tahoe, California
Sleepy Cat Books, Berkeley, California

Technical details:
80 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.00: 1

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Fun facts:
Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror (1922) is referenced visually and discussed.

Not to be confused with Marie Clements’ 2019 Canadian film Red Snow about a Gwich’in-Canadian soldier who is captured by the Taliban in Afghanistan.


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