SLASHENING: THE FINAL BEGINNING (2020) Reviews and overview


‘Every story has a middle’

Slashening: The Final Beginning is a 2020 American comedy horror film written and directed by Brandon Bassham (The Slashening; Fear Town, USA). The movie stars Addie Weyrich, Jean Louise O’Sullivan and Elizabeth D’Ambrosio. Troma’s Lloyd Kaufman has a cameo role.


Five years after the tragic events of The Slashening, twenty-two-year-old Madison Santangeli (Addie Weyrich) moves to Brooklyn to start a new life in the wake of her father’s suicide…

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“While just a slight dip from the fun of the original, this is still a solid and highly appealing sequel that manages to work out its flaws just enough with some solid positives to make it worthwhile in its own right. Give this a look if you’re a fan of the original or enjoy this brand of silly parody…” Don’s World of Horror and Exploitation

“The first Slashening was funnier to me than The Final Beginning, and I preferred the set-up of a slasher just knocking off a group of girls having a slumber party over a slasher whittling down a therapy group, but the sequel was still a fun way to spend 80 minutes. I’m glad Bassham has finally directed another movie, as both Slashenings have a unique tone and sense of humor…” Life Between Frames

“While the majority of the humor fell flat for me, I will give credit where credit is due. There were a handful of funny moments that did have me laughing out loud, but they were infrequent […] Overall, the film felt like an hour and a half long internet sketch video from 2008, with that style of try-hard edgy humor and production values to match.” Nightmarish Conjurings

“As a sequel, this film works, it both rewards viewers of the first film, as well as brings any new people up to speed […] With these films though the comedy is never really going to appeal too much to me, and so that part can’t help but bring down the enjoyment a bit, regardless of how spirited some of the actors get into things.” The Rotting Zombie

” …primarily a critique of Brooklyn’s so-called elite, a notorious wave of self-assured gentrifiers […] These are real problems with self-described “liberals” in our modern world, and using hyperbole to shine a light on it is a worthwhile endeavor. If you can do all that while having a massive body count, all the better.” Rue Morgue

Cast and characters:

Lloyd Kaufman … Master Dyson
Addie Weyrich … Madison Santangeli
Jean Louise O’Sullivan … Viv
Rasheda Crockett … Kim
Billy Bob Thompson … The Rusty Joes
Ashley Naglieri … Spoon-A-Thon Attendee
Lindsay-Elizabeth Hand … Roommate
Amy Connerley … Spoon-A-Thon Host
McManus Woodend … Dylan
Caroline Cotter … Steph
James N. Boylan … Sack Face
Justin James Lang … Feminist Art Show Perv
J.W. Crump … Zed
Jon Bershad … Kyle
Carl Foreman Jr. …


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