NIGHT OF THE TOMMYKNOCKERS (2021) Preview of horror-Western


‘When the sun goes down, they come out’

Directed by Michael Su (Bloodthirst; Bridge of the DoomedMy Demon WithinThe Revolting Dead) from a screenplay co-written by Rolfe Kanefsky (director of Art of the Dead; Bus Party to HellThe Black RoomThere’s Nothing Out There; et al) and Adrian Milnes (Adrenaline 2021; Bloodthirst; Bridge of the Doomed), based on a story by producers Michael Mahal and Sonny Mahal.

The Mahal Empire-Mezek Films-FilmCore co-production stars Tom Sizemore, (Monster Hunters; The Pining; 7 Deadly Sins), Richard Grieco (Attack of the Unknown; Art of the Dead; Minutes to Midnight), Robert LaSardo (Bloodthirst; Cynthia; Autopsy) and Jessica Morris (Evil Bong 666 and 777; American Exorcism; Legend of Fall Creek).


1856: When blasting for gold a group of miners accidentally release ancient creatures known as Tommyknockers. The town of Deer Creek, Nevada is soon under siege with only a handful of survivors held up in the local saloon.

Things go from bad to worse when a gang of criminals on the run from a famous bounty hunter arrive in the town to rob the bank. Now everyone is trapped in a deadly battle against the bloodthirsty monsters, each other and their own greed…


Night of the Tommyknockers is currently in post-production with an IndieGoGo campaign to finalise funding.

Main cast and characters:

Tom Sizemore … Marshal Steed
Richard Grieco … Dirk
Robert LaSardo … Lucky
Jessica Morris … Julia Ann Swift
Angela Cole … Betsy
BJ Mezek … Fred Rudolph
Robert Donavan … Jim Jonas
Denny Nolan … Henry Middleton
Dave Shecter … Earle
Wesley Cannon … Clay
Bill Victor Arucan … Maoma
Dane Bingenheimer … Sam
Sheri Davis … Pearl
Mercedes Peterson … Lulu
Brenda Daly … Sally
Lance Caver … Marshal Derry
Charles Solomon Jr. … Deputy Hall
William ‘Bill’ Connor … Bill
Shawn C. Phillips … Gary
Kyus Preston Wright … Hank
Hans Hernke … Mayor Haversham
Emily Eruraviel … Mrs Johnson
Timothy Skyler Dunigan … Dusty
Lisa Hinds … Steffy
Dee Cutrone … Mrs Johnson

Original title:


Fun facts:

The term “knockers,” pronounced “knackers,” comes from the sound in mines that could often be heard just before cave-ins. Although these “knockers” were actually caused by the creaking timber supports and movement of the earth, some miners considered these sounds were malevolent, indicating imminent injury or a fatality. Legends began that small creatures (like gnomes), known as “Tommyknockers” caused the sounds.



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