HISTORY OF THE OCCULT (2020) Reviews and overview of Argentinian horror


History of the Occult is a 2020 Argentinian horror film set around a TV show in which a leading satanist may reveal a government conspiracy.

Written and directed by Cristian Ponce, the movie stars Germán Baudino, Nadia Lozano, Héctor Ostrofsky and Agustín Recondo.


It is the final broadcast of the ’60 Minutes Before Midnight’ TV show. The guest star is Adrián Marcato, who might expose a mass conspiracy that links the national government with an actual coven.

Meanwhile, a group of desperate journalists are up against the clock to not only unveil this conspiracy but also to locate an object that will precipitate Marcato’s confession on the air…

Reviews [click links to read more]:

“Shot mostly in black-and-white — with a first bit of color played as impressively as an expert chess move — and set somewhere between the 1960s and 1980s, going by fashion and technology on display, History of the Occult is an intelligent thriller that continually builds in suspense. Viewers see the program’s on-screen clock tick down towards zero with events continually heating up…” Gruesome Magazine

“The shadows and the scary moments at the beginning are good. There is a moment of hallucinogenic horror later on in the story that is a nice nod to imagery from the era of 70s horror, a cool throwback horror vibe. There probably could have been more of that to keep more people hooked that come into a viewing looking for something casual, with minimal engagement.” Screen Anarchy

Cast and characters:

Germán Baudino … Adrián Marcato (as German Baudino)
Nadia Lozano … María
Héctor Ostrofsky … Alfredo
Agustín Recondo … Jorge Federici
Lucia Arreche … Natalia
Ivan Ezquerré … Lucio
Casper Uncal … Abel
Luciano Guglielmino … Daniel Aguilar
Hernán Altamirano … Matías Linares
Raúl Omar García … Brujo
Mario Lombard … Conductor Flash Informativo
Victoria Reyes … Conductora Flash Informativo
Cristian Salgueiro … Eduardo Alonso
Victor Díaz … Manuel Ramirez
Lucía Cano … Notera

Technical details:

82 minutes

Original title:

Historia de lo Oculto


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