DEATH SENTENCES (2020) Preview and release news for ghost horror


‘Who will have the last word?’

Death Sentences is a 2020 American supernatural horror film about a young female author enlisted by her cousin’s ghost to find her killer.

Written, produced, directed by and also co-starring Joe Leone (Reap; Blood Falls) the movie also stars Remiara Eve, Arselajda Buraku, Nicholas M. Garofolo, Kerwin Johnson Jr. and Andreas Casso.


Arabella, a young, blocked author sequesters herself in a remote cabin that her extended family owns. It is here that the ghost of her older cousin is now eager to strike up a deal with Arabella; “Find my killer and I will finish your novel.”

Release date:

Death Sentences is available in the USA On-Demand from May 4th 2021 via Midnight Releasing.

Remiara Eve … Arabella Vaisseau
Arselajda Buraku … Vivian Del Corte
Nicholas M. Garofolo … Gerard Phillip
Kerwin Johnson Jr. … Bruce
Joe Leone … Eban
Andreas Casso … The Greasy Guy



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