DARK SPELL (2021) Review of Russian horror with trailer


Dark Spell is a 2021 Russian supernatural horror film about a spurned young wife who uses a spell to bring back her husband to her.

Directed by Svyatoslav Podgaevskiy (Baba Yaga: Terror of the Dark Forest; Mermaid: The Lake of the Dead; The Bride; Queen of Spades: The Dark Rite) from a screenplay co-written with Natalya Dubovaya and Ivan Kapitonov.

The Central Partnership Productions-Iney Productions-QS Films co-production stars Yana Yenzhayeva, Konstantin Beloshapka, Ilya Yermolov, Varvara Borodina, Igor Khripunov, Sabina Akhmedova and Kristina Marandy.


Zhenya, a young wife and mother, is heartbroken after her husband leaves her. Desperate, she tampers with the forces of reality by employing sinister magic — in the form of a spell called “black wedding” — to bring him back into her arms.

Sure enough, her husband returns to her … but his renewed love for Zhenya has become twisted into something far more obsessive and frightening.

Now Zhenya has no other choice but to find a way to reverse an irreversible spell, however, she soon learns that not even death will part those who have been joined by the black wedding…


” …remains an ordinary mixture of horror and thriller, which drives itself into a trap and does not make any immediate changes, so as not to suddenly accidentally go beyond the established framework. In the end, we have too many demons and very little humanity, and the tension by the end of the film fades, just like the ambitions of another Russian horror movie.” Kinoafisha [translated from Russian]

Release date:

Dark Spell will be released in the USA by Scream Factory on Digital, On-Demand, DVD and Blu-ray on July 6, 2021.

Original title:

Приворот. Черное венчание aka Privorot. Chernoe venchanie “ “Love spell. Black wedding”

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