CANNIBAL LAKE aka CANNIBAL CABIN (2021) Preview of British horror


You are what they eat

Cannibal Lake is a 2021 British horror film about a group of young people that mistakenly venture into a remote area inhabited by cannibals. Also known as Cannibal Cabin

Produced and directed by Louisa Warren (Legend of the Lizard ManThe Leprechaun’s GameVirtual Death MatchCurse of the Scarecrow) from a screenplay written by Charley McDougall (Crooked Man; Legend of the Lizard Man), the movie stars Richard Summers-Calvert (Dragon Kingdom; Edge of Extinction; Fox Trap; Seven Devils), Reece Putinas, J. Taviner and Matthew Laird.


A group of twenty-somethings want to end the summer on a high, so they take the advice from a girl they met at a festival about a secret rave deep in the valleys. When their route is detoured they have no choice but to venture into the unknown. Once they come across a derelict aqua park, they soon realise what they thought was their salvation turns out to be the heart of the flesh-eaters lair.

Release date:

Currently in post-production.

Cast and characters:

Richard Summers-Calvert … Chris
Reece Putinas … Jamie
J. Taviner … Danny / Bulk / Elizabeth (as Jake Taviner)
Matthew Laird … Jonah (as Matt Laird)
Harvey Almond … Matt
Nicole Nabi … Holly
Toby Wynn-Davies … Officer Grimes
Jane Buckle … Munchkin
Sophie Fisher … Carly
Muneeb Butt … Hunch
Stephen Haynes … Scrawney
Jodi Hutton … Jen
Lee Hancock … Sharp-Tooth
Mia Lacostena … Faye
Daniel Sawicki … Mark
Kirk Cousins … G-man
Tommy Levy … Tommy
Richard Harfst … Corville
Taylor Papworth … Alex
Sonja Quita Doubleday … Marylin


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