STOKER HILLS (2021) Preview of mystery horror with Tony Todd


‘Evil lurks in the shadows’

Stoker Hills is a 2021 American mystery horror film about three students filming a horror movie who stumble upon something much worse. Their only hope for survival is two detectives who find the camera that was left behind.

Directed by Benjamin Louis from a screenplay written by Jonah Kuehner. Produced by Timothy Christian (Z for Zachariah) and Rab Butler.

The Night Fox Entertainment (Wildling) production stars Tony Todd, Steffani Brass, David Gridley, Vince Hill-Bedford, William Lee Scott, Tyler Clark and Eric Etebari.


Three college students set out to film a horror movie for their final class project, but during filming, something goes terribly wrong. They suddenly find themselves in a nightmare worse than they could have written. Luckily, some of the footage of their abduction is captured on a camera that is later found by two detectives.

It’s now a race against time as the detectives must use clues in the video to rescue the students and uncover the identity of their kidnapper. As the detectives get closer to their location, they find themselves in the middle of a dense forest on the outskirts of Stoker Hills, and what they uncover is far worse than anything the town has ever seen…

Cast and characters:

Tony Todd … Professor Smith
Steffani Brass … Erica Gallagher
David Gridley … Ryan
Vince Hill-Bedford … Jake
William Lee Scott … Detective Bill Stafford
Tyler Clark … Dani Brooks
Eric Etebari … Detective Adams
Danny Nucci … Mark Gallagher
John Beasley … Doctor Jonathan Brooks
Thomas R. Martin … Officer Martin
Joy McElveen … Officer York
Maya Nucci … Emma Galagher
Michael Faulkner … Peterson
Jason Sweat … Charles Moyer
Sara Friedman … Nurse Flowers

Original title:



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