KARLI (2021) Preview of British horror


‘One of us… or part of us’

Karli is a 2021 British horror film about a mysterious young male guest who won’t leave a small hotel much to the chagrin of the proprietor.

Co-directed by Mike Clarke and Paul Gerrard from a screenplay written by Clarke, based on a story by Clarke and Gerrard. Produced by Clark, Gerrard and Daz Spencer-Lovesey.

The Altered Stranger Pictures-Half Sun Entertainment co-production stars Damien Ashley, Jennifer K Preston, Isabella Percival and Jake Francis.


Following the brutal murder of her husband, Amanda (Jennifer K Preston) and her daughter Karli (Isabella Percival) move away to start a new life in a secluded bed and breakfast hotel. Their peaceful new life is soon interrupted by the arrival of a young man named Kyle (Damien Ashley).

Kyle states he is desperate for a room for one night. However, Kyle soon overstays his welcome when he informs them that he believes that he is being hunted by a group of supernatural killers. Is he telling the truth or is it all an elaborate scam?

Cast and characters:

Damien Ashley … Kyle
Jennifer K Preston … Amanda
Isabella Percival … Karli
Jake Francis … Greg
Lindy Pieri … Old Woman
Wendy Laurence James … Hannah
Phil Gwilliam … Security Guard
Tony Moran … The Unnamed
Iona Mckeown … Kelly
Kyle Brookes … Burglar
David Faulkner … Burglar
Rahula Armstrong … Hunter

Teaser trailer:

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