MIRANDA VEIL (2020) Review of comedic serial killer flick


Miranda Veil is a 2020 American comedic horror film about an aspiring serial killer whose first victim is mysteriously unable to die.

Written and directed by Levin Garbisch. Produced by Maggie Brown and Jordan Henderson.

The Planet Froth production stars Annabel Barrett, Zach Steffey, Vida Ghaffari, Olivia Blue, Caitlin Herst and Kelton Jones.


Aspiring serial killer Soren (Zach Steffey) abducts his first victim Miranda (Annabel Barrett) and kills her. However, both he and Miranda are shocked to discover that she is mysteriously unable to die even when he attempts to kill her twice more…

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Release date:

Miranda Veil has been released worldwide by Indican Pictures on Digital and On-Demand. Buy via Amazon.com

Cast and characters:

Annabel Barrett … Miranda Veil
Zach Steffey … Soren
Vida Ghaffari … Alice Veil
Olivia Blue … Olivia
Caitlin Herst … Kaylee
Kelton Jones … Daniel Veil
Esmond Fountain … The Rabbit
Dean Satriano … The Fox
Irena Violette … The Cat

Technical details:

104 minutes


$50,000 (estimated)

Trailer 1:

Trailer 2:

MOVIES and MANIA comment and rating:

Nicely shot by Josh Andersen and well-acted, especially by Annabel Barrett as the titular character, Levin Garbisch’s overlong movie clearly had the germ of a good, if not bizarre, idea. Unfortunately, the film’s intriguing and unique concept descends into metaphysical musings and nonsensical character actions – Stockholm syndrome, really? – that most viewers will find a chore to sit through.