THE MARE (2020) Preview of Norwegian nightmare in the fjords


The Mare is a 2020 Norwegian horror film about a young man who slowly loses himself into a dream world and his own nightmares. But what if the dreams are real?

Written and directed by René Bjerregaard, the movie stars Jonny Bjørkhaug, Karoline Stemre, Kim Kvamme, Grethe Mikaelsen, Tom Larsen and Alv Fossum.

Cast and characters:

Jonny Bjørkhaug … Liam’s Father
Karoline Stemre … Liam’s Mother
Kim Kvamme … Black hand demon
Grethe Mikaelsen … Grandma
Tom Larsen … Grandpa ‘Tom’
Alv Fossum … Liam

Filming locations:

Sogn og Fjordane, Norway

Original title:


Technical details:

74 minutes
Aspect ratio: 1.37: 1


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