THE AMITYVILLE RISING (2021) Preview of zombie horror



‘When Hell comes knocking…’

The Amityville Rising is a 2021 American science fiction horror film about a police sergeant fending off a zombie uprising.

Written and directed by Thomas J. Churchill (The Amityville Moon; Big Freaking Rat; The Amityville Harvest; The Day of the Living Dead).

The Action House/Church Hill Productions/Lions Gate Entertainment co-production stars Micah Fitzgerald, Mike Ferguson, Joycelyne Lew, Troy Fromin and Scott C. Roe.


A sergeant from the Amityville Police Department must protect his son from zombies after a chemical explosion at a nearby army base releases toxic gas into the air causing acid rain that reanimates dead bodies.


The Amityville Rising is currently being marketed by Octane Entertainment for future release.

Cast and characters:

Micah Fitzgerald
Mike Ferguson … Detective Lance McQueen
Joycelyne Lew … Mrs Chen
Troy Fromin … Officer Malloy
Scott C. Roe … Sergeant Dash
Aleksandra Zorich Hunt … Mae
Kelly Lynn Reiter … Officer Nina Rossi
Thomas J. Churchill … Chuck
Alysha Young … Gerri Tarver
Tank Jones … Lt. Howie Stevenson
Michael Gaglio … The Bartender
Noel Jason Scott … Mel
Bryan Clark … Childs
Shane Woodson … Larry the Weatherman
Jeff Karr … Military #1


There is currently no trailer available for The Amityville Rising.