JUNGLE RUN (2021) Review and overview of The Asylum mockbuster



‘Their search for their father… led them to Hell!’

Jungle Run is a 2021 American fantasy creature feature action film about a mission to search for a missing professor in Brazil’s rainforest. The movie is a mockbuster of Disney’s Jungle Cruise.

Directed by Noah Luke (cinematographer on Airliner Sky Battle; Asteroid-a-Geddon; Collision Earth) from a screenplay written by Marc Gottlieb (Aquarium of the Dead; Fast and Fierce: Death Race; Triassic World; Alien Convergence). Produced by David Michael Latt.

The Asylum production stars Alyson Gorske (616 Wilford Lane; Meteor Moon; Battle Star Wars), Wade Hunt Williams (Celebrity Crush), Jack Pearson (Alien Conquest; Shark Season; Fast and Fierce: Death Race), Jamie Petitto and Richard Grieco (Attack of the UnknownArt of the DeadMinutes to Midnight).


“Being from The Asylum, Jungle Run has a lot more talk than action, but it’s kept interesting and not blatantly expository […] The animal attacks range from venomous dart frogs that look good individually but in groups resemble solid coloured hopping Easter eggs to kamikaze piranha […] there’s crocodiles, giant snakes, spiders and hostile tribes to deal with. As well as Curupira, a pissed-off Jungle God.” Voices from the Balcony

Choice dialogue:

Lebecq [Wade Hunt Williams]: “This is the Amazon. Anything is possible.”

Cast and characters (alphabetical):

Darius Autry … Yanomami Tribesman
Benjamin Bernard … Sark
Hansel Alexander Carter IV … Theo
Chris Cobian … Yanomami Priest
Christian DeJesus … Teese
Alyson Gorske … Amanda
Richard Grieco … Nicholas
Sky Hanf … Construction Worker
Alejandro Maysonet … Arlan
Rey’Von Miller … Blind Man
Andrew j Murray … Yanomami Tribesman
Juan Ortega … Joao
Jack Pearson … Scott
Jamie Petitto … Vera
Wade Hunt Williams … Lebecq


Jungle Cruise (2021)


MOVIES and MANIA says:

This is standard mockbuster stuff from The Asylum. It’s watchable but some of the dialogue – particularly from Alyson Gorske’s character Amanda – grates and the CGI creatures are of the usual poor quality. An ok timewaster for those in a charitable mood.

Plot keywords:

Amazon | boat | boat captain | bridge | bullet ants | captives | crocodiles | dart frogs | daughter | father | giant snake | jungle | lager | man-eating plant | missing | piranha | professor | rainforest | river | road | search | son | spiders | supernatural | tribesmen | waterfall