CarousHELL THE 2ND (2021) Preview of comedy horror sequel



CarousHELL the 2nd is a 2021 American comedy horror film about the continuing killing spree enacted by a sentient carousel unicorn. The movie is a sequel to CarousHELL (2016).

Directed by Steve Rudzinski (Red Christmas; Everyone Must Die; Basic Slaughter) the Silver Spotlight Films production stars Steve Rimpici, B. Barnabei, Rebecca Rinehart, Aleen Isley, Judy Kirby, Terence Cover, and Mark McConnell Jr.


Duke has always wondered about his purpose in life. Who he was, what he was, what he was meant to do. He just found out he is a father. He needs to meet his son, he needs to find out. Is fatherhood his answer?

At the same time, those who created Duke years ago have finally found him. The Nazis who created Duke as a weapon want him back. Duke needs to confront them. Is being a weapon his answer? Now Duke has to deal with being a dad and Nazis using dark magic.


CarousHELL the 2nd is in post-production and will be released later in the year.


Source: Dread Central