DEATH KNOT (2021) Reviews and overview



Death Knot is a 2021 Indonesian horror film about two siblings who return to their village after the death of their mother.

Directed by and co-starring Cornelio Sunny from a screenplay co-written with Ike Klose. The movie also stars Djenar Maesa Ayu, Morgan Oey and Widika Sidmore.


Hari and her sister return to the village where they were born after the death of their mother, a practitioner of black magic. Unfortunately, the inexplicable suicides of several villagers cause the hostility towards the two to explode…



” …Death Knot is a horror movie which relies on a growing sense of dread rather than jump scares. While the development of the plot, especially in the beginning, could have used a little bit more work, its cinematography and how it establishes atmosphere show the talents of director Cornelio Sunny, along with his deep passion for the genre.” Asian Film Pulse

“Cornelio Sunny’s film […] prefers to eschew overwhelming quantities of gore in favour of focusing on atmosphere and widespread disquiet. Working on beliefs linked to black magic and shamanic rituals, as well as possession, the root of the terror is generated within the characters; this feature also allows the genre to be played with, without resorting to a marked use of special effects.” Kathanika

“Despite being an actor-turned-director, Sunny only makes a cursory effort when it comes to character development as the supposedly integral brother-sister bond is just perfunctorily sketched. Crucially, though, he handily ticks most of the genre boxes with a Lucio Fulci-inspired parting shot wrapping things up on an appropriately doom-laden note.” Screen Daily

“Rather than hauntings and jump scares, Cornelio Sunny concentrates on conjuring an atmosphere of supernatural dread […] Proceeding with moody inevitability, the ironically titled Death Knot ensnares its confused hero in a tightening noose of spiritual dread and filial guilt before cutting him adrift a victim of his own sophistication.” Windows on Worlds

Technical details:

103 minutes

Original title:

Tali mati


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