STEUBEN COUNTY (2020) Review and overview of psychological thriller



Steuben County is a 2020 American psychological thriller film about a paranoid young man who suspects his cousin’s teacher of planning a murder.

Written and directed by Sean Mannion the movie stars Toler Wolfe, Erin Minervini, Simone Grossman, Anita Farmer Bergman and Alfonse Mora.


After suffering a mental breakdown, Eddy moves into his grandmother’s trailer with his cousin, Bridget. He spends his time idling about their small Indiana town with Bridget and her friend Carly but unwinds when he suspects his cousin’s teacher of planning a murder.

In a paranoia-fueled attempt to protect Carly, Eddy gets stranded out on a lake and is forced to confront both the teacher and his own demons…


“This is the “man with a mouthful of a peanut butter sandwich desperately trying to answer a trivia question” film equivalent. It has so much to say but is never able to get the words out. In a world of too much “tell” and not enough “show”, Steuben County elects to do neither and lets the audience flounder in a mess of editing issues.” Michael Stone

Cast and characters:

Anita Farmer Bergman … Grandma
Simone Grossman … Carly
Erin Minervini … Bridget
Alfonse Mora Teacher
Toler Wolfe … Eddy

Filming locations:

Chicago, Illinois
Hamilton, Indiana

Technical details:

78 minutes
Aspect ratio: 4:3


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