GREYWOOD’S PLOT (2019) Reviews and overview



‘It all starts with a tape’

Greywood’s Plot is a 2019 American horror film about two friends who journey into the woods to uncover if a video of a monster is a hoax.

Produced, directed and edited by Josh Stifter (The Good Exorcist) from a screenplay co-written with Daniel Degnan. The Flush Studios production stars Daniel Degnan, Kim Fagan, Samantha Kirchoff and Aaron McKenna.


” …Stifter’s use of black and white photography works fantastically in the rural settings (and yes, The Blair Witch Project must have been a visual inspiration – why the pair even get lost in the woods) and there are lots of little stylistic details, including some animated inserts and great low budget creature stuff, that keep things fresh.” Bloody Flicks

” …there is an incredibly dark shift change in the film’s third act that turns the story on its head and is well worth the wait! Stifter does a great job of carrying the film as both lead actor and director of his own story […] The score from Curtis Allen Hager is subtle and underpinning but also incredibly grand at moments to heighten tension where it is used to full effect…” Indie Mac User


“Originality is a strange and elusive thing, sometimes achieved not by breaking entirely new ground, but by hybridising different elements into novel, unexpected arrangements […] These are sutured together into a never-before-seen monstrosity of genre, all at once cruelly funny and utterly grotesque, as, reborn with a new sense of purpose and a new best friend, Dom can finally become sub while chasing his own tale.” Projected Figures


Greywood’s Plot premiered at the Twin Cities Film Fest on October 18, 2019. It has been shown at other festivals such as the South Texas Underground Film Festival and will be shown at the 2021 Arrow Video FrightFest on August 30th 2021.

Cast and characters:

Daniel Degnan … Doug Greywood
Kim Fagan … Dom’s Mom
Samantha Kirchoff … Marla
Aaron McKenna … Aaron
Keith Radichel … Miles
Josh Stifter … Dom
Max Stifter … Baby Monster
Nathan Strauss … Igor

Filming locations:

Detroit Lakes, Minnesota

Technical details:

78 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.35: 1


$4,000 (estimated)