ARE WE MONSTERS (2021) Reviews of British werewolf flick



‘They hide beneath our skin’

Are We Monsters is a 2021 British horror film about a young female werewolf who is conflicted by the two sides of herself.

Directed, photographed and edited by Seb Cox – making his feature debut – from a screenplay co-written with John Black. Produced by Sophie Davies.

The Bubble Light Productions movie stars Justin Hayward, Charlotte Olivia, Stefan Chanyaem, John Black, Kyle Menzies and Jathis Sivanesan.


The final silver bullet has been used and werewolf hunters are desperate to find ways of controlling the werewolf population. Young female werewolf, Maya, teams up a folklore enthusiast, Luke, and two werewolf hunters, Connor and Everett, to understand her werewolf history and tame the monster within.

As a blood moon draws closer and the threat of a powerful transformation looms, time is running out before the consequences become deadly…


“Early on, the monster manifests as a white CGI critter with a rokurubi-style neck and a jagged maw – but as the movie progresses, an etched-on-the-image animated form takes over, like some crude picture app or a device from a preschool TV series trying for a scary episode.  It works surprisingly well, especially given that the thrust of the story – from the title on – is to question how monstrous the monsters are.” The Kim Newman Website

“The cast excels with the lengthy dialogue and there are few humorous moments to lighten the mood, but it can get heavy going as it goes along. Using werewolves as a metaphor for growing up isn’t something new, but Are We Monsters does a decent job of portraying a young woman in turmoil. It even provides a whole new mythology to the Lycan curse.” Starburst

Cast and characters:

Justin Hayward … Michael
Charlotte Olivia … Maya
Stefan Chanyaem … Connor
John Black … Everett
Kyle Menzies … Werewolf
Jathis Sivanesan … Luke

Teaser trailer: