DEATH CAST (2019) Preview of teens in experimental horror film



Death Cast is a 2019 American horror film about six young actors who have agreed to star in an experimental horror film.

Written and directed by Bobby Marinelli (The Road Less Traveled). Produced by Melissa McNerney.

The Akhlys FIlms-FIST Agreement-WinniePeg Productions movie stars Lacy Hartselle, Hedy Nasser, Marvin Laviolette, Andres Erickson, Danielle Stratton and Hoon Park.


Cast in an experimental horror film, the performances of six young, hopeful actors is set to be captured without any crew present. As the day progresses, the scripted story dissolves and a real life-or-death plot is revealed…



Death Cast has been picked up for distribution by High Octane Pictures.

Cast and characters:

Lacy Hartselle … Tiffany
Hedy Nasser … Mallory
Marvin Laviolette … Bg
Andres Erickson … Gabe
Danielle Stratton … Stefanie
Khalil Abu-Jamous … Sound Guy
Hoon Park … The Killer
Kyle Swanson … Elway
Sharon Lanay Chapman … Extra
Sean T. O’Brien … Production Guy
Dave Johnson … PA Dave
Jonathan Hickson … Drone Guy

Technical details:

74 minutes


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