FOLLOWERS (2021) Reviews and overview of haunted house horror



‘But at what cost?’

Followers is a 2021 British horror film about a struggling social media influencer who discovers the house he shares is haunted. The ghost brings him and his friends fame and fortune, but with deadly consequences.

Written and directed by Marcus Harben making his feature film debut. Produced by Giles Alderson, Stephen Jarvis and Tracy Jarvis.

Parkhouse Pictures production stars Harry Jarvis, Loreece Harrison, Nina Wadia, Erin Austen, Daniel Cahill, Tanya Burr and Ella Jarvis.


” …this undercooked satirical horror isn’t current, funny, or scary enough to really work. Despite a solid cast and some interesting ideas, Followers runs out of steam long before it ends, and therefore might’ve been more effective as a short-form project.” Flickering Myth

Followers is a fresh and exciting installment to the found footage subgenre. It is full of some great kills, some wild scares, and many interesting concepts to the paranormal subgenre that I don’t think I have seen done before. Without spoiling, there is an integration of a cassette tape at one point, and it feels so incredibly new.” Horror Obsessive


“This is as much a mystery as a spook story – it has a couple of creepy moments and scares, but the plot turns out to be more complex than usual, leading to a finale with revelations and stand-offs and perhaps one twist too many.  Few films have solved the problem of making us really care about imperilled influencers […] and this doesn’t really try to suggest that the protagonist has an inner pain worth exploring.” The Kim Newman Website

“Like Caryn Waechter’s DeadCon (2019), Followers locates a haunted space between real and online worlds, where communications are remote, where image is empty, and where the fragile and the forgotten can readily be ghosted. Marcus Harben’s feature debut is, ultimately, a ghost story in which lost souls keep trying to maintain their mediated ‘influence’ from beyond the grave.” Projected Figures


Followers had its world premiere at the 2021 Arrow Video FrightFest in London on August 27th.

Cast and characters:

Harry Jarvis … Jonty
Loreece Harrison … Zauna
Nina Wadia … Becky Dubar
Erin Austen … Amber
Daniel Cahill … Pete
Tanya Burr … Ilana Clark
Ella Jarvis … Jocasta
Orion Lee … Edward Lee
Jessica Webber … Dawn
Madeleine Kelly … Charlotte
Dan Richardson … Simon Craig
Poppy Roe … Officer Waugh
Rhys Yates … Alfie Deyes
Alex James-Phelps … Phil
Katherine Moran … News Reader
Alix Austin … Janet Bradford
Dominic Watters … Jim (as Dom Watters)
Mark Joseph … Officer Archer
Philip Tomlin … Harley
Chaand Sujanani … Parish
Dan Burgess … Ollie

Working title:



Not to be confused with many other films also called Followers such as the 2017 horror film directed by Ryan Justice which is also about a social media influencer.

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There is currently no trailer available for Followers.