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‘The Lord giveth, the chamber taketh away…’

The Chamber of Terror is a 2021 horror film about a man who is on a deadly collision course with the people that tore his world apart… along with something unexpected. Something far more sinister.

Written, produced and directed by Michael Pereira (Zandavi Lives; Spookslayers). Produced by Craig Lobo (Dangerous Rumors; Zandavi Lives) and Berge Karageusian (Spookslayers; The Resurrections of Clarence Neveldine).

The Canadian Panic Button Films-Shocking Dark co-production stars Timothy Paul McCarthy (Psycho Goreman; ABCs of Death 2), Jessica Vano (The Demolisher; Deadsight), Ry Barrett (The Heretics; The Hoard) and Derek Gilroy.

The practical makeup effects were created by The Butcher Shop Makeup Effects Studio (Spare Parts; Resident Evil: Afterlife).


Writer-director Michael Pereira has asserted that The Chamber of Terror is a “splatter-packed fun romp.”


The Chamber of Terror does have a plotline, but to give you any further details about it would spoil the buildup that Pereira is going for. This is the movie to watch if you enjoy on-purpose over the top acting, ridiculously confident breakage of the fourth wall, and gobs of fake blood. It’s Canada’s nod to the Evil Dead (check out the license plate!), and well worth the price of a ticket.” Grimoire of Horror

“Long on imagination and humour but short on scares or anything remotely serious, The Chamber of Terror is an absurd amount of fun […] The Chamber of Terror does have a couple of slow spots near the beginning and its bloody excesses and self-referential humour won’t be for everybody. And some viewers will just find it all a bit too silly.” Voices from the Balcony

“It spends a lot of time setting up what is essentially a gorefest, and perhaps sacrifices some plot to get there, but the SFX is very good fun, as well as nicely done on the film’s limited budget […] there are a few lulls and a few choices which could be questioned along the way, and its self-referential style may not be for everyone, but there’s plenty of ambition here, as well as – overall – enough going on to keep The Chamber of Terror entertaining.” Warped Perspective


The Chamber of Terror will its world premiere at the Blood in the Snow Film Festival at The Royal Cinema in Toronto, Canada on Saturday, November 20th 2021.

Teaser trailer:

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