THE CHAMBER OF TERROR (2021) Preview of Canadian horror



‘The Lord giveth, the chamber taketh away…’

The Chamber of Terror is a 2021 Canadian horror film about a man who is on a deadly collision course with the people that tore his world apart…along with something unexpected. Something far more sinister.

Written, produced and directed by Michael Pereira (Zandavi Lives; Spookslayers). Produced by Craig Lobo (Dangerous Rumors; Zandavi Lives) and Berge Karageusian (Spookslayers; The Resurrections of Clarence Neveldine).

The Panic Button Films-Shocking Dark co-production stars Timothy Paul McCarthy (Psycho Goreman; ABCs of Death 2), Jessica Vano (The Demolisher; Deadsight), Ry Barrett (The Heretics; The Hoard) and Derek Gilroy.

The practical makeup effects were created by The Butcher Shop Makeup Effects Studio (Spare Parts; Resident Evil: Afterlife).


Writer-director Michael Pereira has asserted that The Chamber of Terror will be a “splatter-packed fun romp.”


The Chamber of Terror will soon be on the film festival circuit.

Teaser trailer: