FAMILIARS (2021) Reviews and overview of British demonic horror



‘They might not be what you think they are. Then again…!’

Familiars is a 2021 British horror film about a young woman who consults a medium in an attempt to solve the murder of her twin sister. As a result, she finds her life and home affected by a strange presence.

Written, directed, photographed, edited and scored by Michael Munn (Fight the Eternal Evil; The Haunting of Maria Marten; Demons 2016; Once Upon a Haunting). Produced by Jane Lindekam.

The Martello Films production stars Jasmine Hodgson, Michael Howard, Rebecca Watts, Sarah Jane Gonzales, Beth Molloy, Adrienne Thornley and Paul Vella.



Emma’s anxiety disorder has been exacerbated by the unsolved murder of her twin sister Sarah. In the hope of finding answers, she seeks help from a medium and consequently finds her life and home marked by a strange and sometimes terrifying presence that might lead her to the truth or to Hell itself…



“I give Munn credit for trying to make an effects-filled supernatural film and not taking the cheap, all talk, way out. But the lack of a cohesive, or even coherent, plot and effects that are frequently closer to laughable than frightening ruin any chance Familiars had of succeeding. It’s too bad because the design of the demons was on point, including one that looked like the title creature from The Slayer.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

Jasmine Hodgson … Emma / Sarah
Michael Howard … Sam
Rebecca Watts … Leah
Sarah Jane Gonzales … Keeley
Beth Molloy … Jo
Adrienne Thornley … Tess
Paul Vella … Richard
Holly Nicoll … Rebecca
Michael Munn … Sutton
Elaine Carpenter … Susan Brooke
Jane Lindekam … Officer Miller
Peter Korabik … Forensic Dave
Hannah Munson … Chloe
Gemma Munson … Mrs Clarke
Bex Ward … Joss
Lewis Miller … Police Officer / Clubber

Filming locations:

Acton, Boxford and Sudbury, Suffolk, England
Halstead, Essex, England


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