NO ONE GETS OUT ALIVE (2021) Preview of mystery horror soon on Netflix



No One Gets Out Alive is a 2021 British mystery horror film about a young female immigrant in search of the American dream. After being forced to take a room in a boarding house, finds herself in a nightmare she can’t escape.

Directed by Santiago Menghini from a screenplay co-written by Fernanda Coppel and Jon Croker, based on a novel by Adam Nevill (The Ritual). Produced by Jonathan Cavendish and Will Tennant. Executive produced by David Bruckner, Adam Nevill, Phil Robertson and Andy Serkis.

The Imaginarium Productions movie stars Marc Menchaca, Cristina Rodlo, Victoria Alcock, David Barrera and David Figlioli.




No One Gets Out Alive will stream on Netflix on September 29. 2021.

Cast and characters:

Marc Menchaca … Red
Cristina Rodlo … Ambar
Victoria Alcock
David Barrera … Beto
David Figlioli … Becker
Joana Borja … Simona
Mitchell Mullen … Rilles
Alejandro Akara … Carlos
Jose Palma
Jeff Mirza … Motel Manager
Vala Noren … Freja
Moronke Akinola … Kinsi
Baba Oyejide
Pepa Duarte … Immigrant Woman

Filming locations:

Bucharest, Romania

Technical details:

85 minutes
Audio: Dolby Digital