INVISIBLE ALIEN (2021) Preview of sci-fi thriller



Invisible Alien is a 2021 Chinese science fiction thriller film about a spaceship that returns from a mission with a sole female survivor.

Directed by Lu Jintao and Zhang Dawei from a screenplay co-written by Li Qiong, Ding Dong and Lu Jintao.
The movie stars Ruansheng Wen, Wu Jiao and Summer Look.


The Earth’s space base captured a set of mysterious signals. Scientists believe that the signals come from other civilizations in the universe. In order to explore the alien civilization, Captain Yuan piloted an interstellar spacecraft named Deep Space, leading the ship’s ninety-three crew and intelligent robot “7” into the universe, embarking on a journey of stars. But soon after, the spacecraft mysteriously disappeared.


One hundred and fifty years later, the Deep Space spacecraft suddenly appeared near the Earth’s orbit, and only one surviving dormant was left on board. She was Captain Yuan’s lover, Yin. The human space department set up a temporary committee to investigate and question Yin, and the horrific experience of the Deep Space’s crew unfolds slowly…


Technical details:

63 minutes

Original title:

太空群落 “Space Community”

Trailer 1:

Trailer 2: