FORCE TO FEAR (2020) Reviews and overview of action horror



‘It’s kill… Or be killed.’

Force to Fear is a 2020 American action horror film about kidnappers, a dealer, college kids and a killer who all converge in an old school. Once they all cross paths, chaos ensues, and it’s a race to survive the night.

Written and directed by Chad Bruns (actor in Cryptids; 10/31 and sequel; CarousHELL; Devil’s Night) and Zane Hershberger (10/31 Part 3; Cryptids; 10/31). Produced by Rocky Gray, Jonathan McLain and Justin M. Seaman.

The movie stars Sable Griedel, Chad Bruns, April Yanko, Ginny Griedel, Arjun Kumar, Nexus Lyons, Sé Marie, Mitchell Musolino, Ted Opalinski, George Saulnier and Joseph Setticase.


“A nice little indy action film that reminds me more of Albert Pyun’s work circa Nemesis 4 than a Cannon film, but I love this kind of stuff. Some nice camera work and a synthwave soundtrack that is good but not entirely effective with the subject matter pretty much sum it up. The cast is game and certainly put in the work.” David Zuzelo

“Beautifully shot, the cinematography is excellent. The story is simple and fun. Great atmosphere and a badass score. Definitely screams 80’s in the sound and vibe. Lots of action with solid practical effects.” The Horror Punk


“The movie puts too much time in the wardrobes and score instead of atmosphere and storytelling. With that being said, I’m a huge fan of the characters the film creates and a lot of the different aspects that went into the story but there was so much left on the table with this one.” Mac Brewer

“With slow motion punches, predictable jokes, and impressively choreographed action sequences, there is never a dull moment. Hershberger’s incredible cinematography adds to the film’s bold and striking mise-en-scène. Every shot is painted with the alluring glow of neon lights, creating a violently euphoric tone.” Take 2 Indie Review


Force to Fear premiered at the USA Film Festival on September 5, 2020.

Cast and characters:

Sable Griedel … Nova
Chad Bruns … Socks
April Yanko … Anomaly
Ginny Griedel … Vega
Arjun Kumar … Watts
Nexus Lyons … Pit
Sé Marie … Sarah
Mitchell Musolino … Ryan
Ted Opalinski … The Target
George Saulnier … Nick
Joseph Setticase … Clint

Technical details:

81 minutes


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