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‘Monster vs Metal’

Mega Shark vs Mecha Shark is a 2014 American science fiction action horror film in which the govt creates an exact robotic copy of the shark. Now they must fight to the death while people and whole cities get in the way.

Directed by Emile Edwin Smith (Ice Sharks; Flight World War II; Age of Ice) from a screenplay co-written by H. Perry Horton and Jose Prendes, based on the latter’s story. Produced by Paul Bales and David Michael Latt.

The Asylum production stars Christopher Judge, Elisabeth Röhm, Matt Lagan and Debbie Gibson.


The movie is the third entry in The Asylum’s Mega Shark franchise, the previous entries being Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus (2009) and Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus (2010). It was followed by the fourth and final entry in the franchise (so far), Mega Shark vs Kolossus (2015).


“The film endlessly attempts to create a sense of urgency where one doesn’t exist, pumping action-style music over the film — even when there’s not much happening […] it strives to showcase a few artsy slow-motion Michael Bay “hero” shots here and there that work fairly well, particularly in the budget context. Still, they cannot hide the movie’s hastily constructed backbone, mediocre acting, and lousy visual effects.”

“Action-packed and with a more coherent story than the others, even though there are slightly more twists and turns than the film needs […] Undemanding and brainless, it’s still not a great movie but it’s the best of the series so far and more fun than it has any right to be.” The Craggus


” …we got a shark-shaped submarine that made the penguin-shaped sub in the Batman movie look serious and did nothing more than self-destruct at the end of the film and take the shark with it.  That’s all ya got?  A series of perfunctory CGI sharks jumping out of the water and smashing things, a few overdone shark jokes […] some slightly funnier Titanic jokes, and then all you do is self-destruct the submarine shark?” Direct to Video Connoisseur

“An absolutely riotous, over-the-top effort that has so much to really like about it, this was a fantastic entry in the series that manages to work out more than enough to like here. Give this a shot if you’re into these over-the-top cheesy shark entries or aficionados of the studio’s output…” Don’s World of Horror and Exploitation 

Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark never properly ups the ante like a sequel of this outlandish nature should until the last act when the Mecha Shark turns into Mecha Landshark and its malfunctioning programming sends it on a rampage through the city streets. I finally began to have fun, only to be left feeling a bit cheated when the movie fails to deliver anything special involving its own title for the climax.” Dread Central


” …pretty darned entertaining. It’s almost a good movie without applying my Asylum curve.  Almost.  For starters, the director follows the simple rule of Character First. Christopher Judge and Elisabeth Rohm, aside from being solid actors, actually seemed like a real couple in this movie that genuinely cared for each other. Then there’s our real star, the Mega Shark, which falls perfectly with what I want from my movie monsters.” Film Critics United

“This is sometimes fun, sometimes boring crap. The story has promise, but it seems to fight itself the whole time.  It stops and starts being interesting so much that I think that I have whiplash. Silly bit with the sharks and a sub fighting- over quickly.  This is book-ended by long, tedious scenes of the couple talking […] This thing is so awkward when it should at least be hilarious.” Mondo Bizarro

” …the depiction of the destruction of the various ships – often no more than a single digital shot and occasionally cutaways to stock footage of navy types fighting fires or people running – is so underwhelming that the effect leaves zero impact. It does get slightly better when it comes to the scenes of the Mecha-Shark running amok through the streets of Sydney…” Moria


“Director Emile Edwin Smith has given up any pretence he’s making a serious movie, though, and lets the ridiculous flow. On the bright side, he doesn’t let that carefree attitude cause the movie to dissolve into parody. This is a dumb movie that wears its dumb with pride. It’s certainly more comprehensible and entertaining than the previous installment, Mega Shark Vs. Crocosaurus…” Movie Rewind

“Transitions between different shooting locations are abrupt, and, as a result, we sometimes forget where the characters are located. People sometimes move from one site to another too quickly, too easily, and it gets disorienting. The last act contains a couple of surprises. Some hit, some miss, but the conclusion is a memorable mixture of creative twists.” Tales of Terror


Main cast and characters:

Christopher Judge … Jack Turner
Elisabeth Röhm … Rosie
Matt Lagan … Admiral Engleberg
Paul Anderson … Nero (voice)
Debbie Gibson … Emma MacNeil
Fiona Hardingham … Mom
Hannah Levien … Sandy
Emma Rose Maloney … Stacy
Steve Hanks … Captain Reynolds
Simon Barbaro … Hogan
Marshall Dunn … Heath
Colin Flynn … Chet
David Salsa … Davis
Robert Sisko … Captain Thrace
Alain Ligonde … Executive Officer Pollack (as Alain Gerard)
Benjamin Ballarin … Soldier #1
Phil Biedron … French News Reporter
Luca Bello … Flight Officer
Andrew Bongiorno … Captain Perkins
Beejan Land … Roy
Lance Buckner … Captain Zane
Janet Cao … Chinese News Reporter

Filming locations:

Los Angeles, California
Long Beach, California (final scenes)

Technical details:

85 minutes
Audio: Dolby Digital
Aspect ratio: 16:9 HD

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Full film free to watch online:

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