A SAVANNAH HAUNTING (2021) Preview of ghostly horror



A Savannah Haunting is a 2021 American supernatural horror film about a family that seems to be haunted by their dead daughter.

Written and directed by William Mark McCullough (co-director of Massacre on Aisle 12; an actor in The Devil Below; Swamp Thing TV series; SiREN; Atomic Apocalypse). Produced by Christina DeRosa, Guido Grimaldi, Elan Hertzberg, Yelena Hertzberg, Matthew Imes, William Mark McCullough, Alexis Nelson.

The Fort Argyle Films-D.I.G. Entertainment co-production stars Simbi Kali, Tommi Rose, Bill Winkler, Dean J. West, Gena Shaw and Brittney Level.


A family move to Savannah, Georgia to escape the memory of their young daughter’s tragic drowning. Once in their new home, the mother begins to experience chilling phenomena that lead her to believe she is being haunted by her dead daughter.


However, an old black woman with ties to the home’s slavery past warns there may be darker, more sinister forces dwelling beneath the house. The family is torn apart as the haunting turns each of them against the other. Will they discover what is inside their home before it’s too late?


A Savannah Haunting will premiere in September with screenings scheduled at Catalina Film Festival, Vail Film Festival, Winter Film Awards and NOLA Horror Film Fest. A theatrical release is planned for 2022.

Cast and characters:

Simbi Kali … Josephine
Tommi Rose … Lilath
Bill Winkler … Doctor Livingston
Dean J. West … Eric Rancourt
Gena Shaw … Rachel Rancourt
Brittney Level … Vanessa
Anna Harriette Pittman … April Rancourt
Nico Tirozzi … Andrew Rancourt
Jaelyn Buffkin … Alice
Moses Jones … James
Stephanie Lusk Donahue … EMT

Filming locations:

Savannah, Georgia


Trailer via Bloody Disgusting

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