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‘You’re in the dark now’

Two Witches is a 2021 American horror film about a witch who passes on her sinister inheritance and curses to her unfortunate granddaughter.

Directed by Pierre Tsigaridis – making his feature debut – from a screenplay co-written with Kristina Klebe and Maxime Rancon. Produced by Maxime Rancon and Pierre Tsigaridis


The Incubo Films-The Rancon Company co-production stars Kristina Klebe, Rebekah Kennedy, Danielle Kennedy and Clint Hummel.


“There are quite a few scenes of older women gurning for shock effect, initially shocking but diluted through overuse, amid a gradual ramping up of nastiness. The movie doesn’t all work and falls apart a bit towards the end, but there are some good performances here, although I’d have liked more story and less atmospherics.” Bloody Flicks

“Filled with tons of jump scenes and really the essence of what being an evil witch is all about Two Witches is a darker reminder of every single film that made you be afraid of witches. Not since Sam Raimi’s Drag Me to Hell have you ever seen a movie really focus on the bad that a witch could do.” Horror Movies Uncut


“The acting is good, the effects are fantastic, and the lighting and direction help induce a steady uptick in heart palpitations. The second chapter may not stand up as the stronger of the two tales, faltering mainly in its transition. Still, the film remains massively entertaining, making Two Witches a wickedly fun ride I’m sure audiences will enjoy.” Horror Obsessive

“There are flashes of Dario Argento’s Suspiria in its dizzying lights, disorientating camera work and vibrant colours on display […] The rich, sumptuous colours and set design, along with incredible cinematography and sound design, makes for a well-put-together film, a well-crafted homage to 70s horror cinema, which, unfortunately, fails to live up to its full potential because of a brash attitude and convoluted plot.” UK Film Review

” …a fun and scary ride that includes several disturbing and disturbingly gory moments. There are no elaborate set pieces, but what we do get is perfect for the stories. Thankfully apart from some CGI flames, and perhaps a scene of a body part moving in a way it shouldn’t be able to, they were all created with practical effects.” Voices from the Balcony


Two Witches is currently on the festival circuit and is showing as part of Grimmfest in the UK. It will be available as part of the virtual film fest on November 17, 2021.

Cast and characters:

Kristina Klebe … Rachel
Rebekah Kennedy … Masha
Danielle Kennedy … Mary
Clint Hummel … Charlie
Jacob DeMonte-Finn … Masha’s one nightstand
Julien Marlon Samani … Paul
Ian Michaels … Simon
Belle Adams … Sarah
Tim Fox … Dustin
Lindsey Rose Naves … Rachel’s colleague
Emma Wilde … The Judge
Dina Silva … Melissa
Megan Johnson … Woman in the bathroom


Technical details:

95 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.35: 1

Working title:

Blow Out the Candle Part 1


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