SYNESTHETE (2021) Preview of new Chinese horror



Synesthete is 2021 Chinese horror film that brings together the real “yin marriage” in the folk, the “woman in red”.

Directed by Liang Honghua, the movie stars Chen Jiale, Chen Jiahuan, Yuqiao, Roland and Zhang Daming.


“Bringing together the real “yin marriage” in the folk, the “woman in red” looming in the chaotic consciousness, and the physique of the “denying people” who are close to and who died, and burst into the intertwined emotional thread, bursting out “based on reality” The real horror.

Absurd and bizarre, strange things screamed, the devil “crossed the boundary” and defeated the inner defence, the “cross-age” loyal love between the yin and the yang shocked the world and the ghosts, the deadly attack, the death and the soul panic “super real” barbaric growth, landslides. The horror audio-visual feast is on the verge!” [Translated from Chinese]

Technical details:

81 minutes

Original title:

越界 “Out of bounds”


Trailer reaction:

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