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Let the Wrong One In is a 2021 Irish comedy horror film in which a young supermarket worker discovers his older brother is a vampire; now he has to choose whether to help him or slay him.

Directed by Conor McMahon (From the Dark; Stitches; The Disturbed; Dead Meat). Co-produced by Trisha Flood, Julianne Forde, Michael Lavelle, Ivan McMahon (line producer) and Ruth Treacy.


The Workshed Films-Tailored Films co-production stars Karl Rice, Eoin Duffy, Anthony Head, Hilda Fay and Lisa Haskins.

“While it’s played for laughs here, the metaphor of drug addiction being like vampirism and you make the problem worse when you invite the person into your life — or the vampire inside your home — is a solid one […] it’s the kind of movie that is out to make you laugh, cheer and shout out loud.” B&S About Movies

Let the Wrong One In is a charming and amusing Irish comedy which sadly loses much of its bite as Deco’s struggle progresses. Conor McMahon’s film starts out promisingly enough, with some intelligent writing and clever jokes. Unfortunately, it gets lost somewhere along the way and rather peters out after the ideas dry up.” Backseat Mafia

“There’s a certain quality to this sort of production, one that can be enjoyed to the fullest accompanied by a few friends or a full art-house movie theater, that makes the comedic, gory, and slapstick sequences very entertaining. As the saying goes, it’s not for everyone.” Grade B- Film Snob Reviews

Let the Wrong One In winds up feeling like a story that was written around a bunch of silly gags and not the other way around. Granted, not every film has to be serious or have a purpose but I felt like there was a good story buried in there somewhere. Just enough of those moments crept in that made me see what the film could have been, but ultimately, like Deco, they stayed in the shadows.” Grimoire of Horror

” …Let the Wrong One In is exactly the kind of horror-comedy I enjoy. It’s over the top and features both likable and annoying characters. After all, you need someone to annoy you, so you can celebrate when the vampires get their fangs in them. So to speak. Also, I admit that the Irish dialect makes everything seem even stranger – in a good way!” Heaven of Horror

“Loaded with terrific-looking practical effects and some deliberately laugh-inducing CGI effects, there is plenty of splatter and gore on hand to go with the abundant amount of humor, which ranges from sly wordplay to nutty slapstick to references to classic horror films, and beyond.” Horror Fuel

“Between the humor and gore, there is also a bit of heart as we see a broken family trying to hold on to each other. While there are a few touching scenes depicting their dynamics, it never strays far from what it is — a campy, bloody vampire flick.” Horror Geek Life

“Most viewers will want to stake Eoin Duffy’s Deco themselves, but that definitely means he creates an appropriately annoying screen persona. There is a good deal of gross-out fun in Wrong One, but do not go in looking for great depth. Most of the creativity comes in devising spectacular ways to spew blood…” J.B. Spins

” …paralleling the vampire/family themes of Boys From County Hell but with a 1980s video sensibility, stressing sloppy physical effects and broadly silly bat transformations, and a sense that if one fart jokes falls flat then another two or three will eventually bludgeon a laugh out of the audience.  There are plenty of pratfalls and gags with misapplied stakes, ripped-out veins and holy water acid burnings.” The Kim Newman Web Site

” …the CG effects are unfortunately distracting. They’re repeatedly used throughout the third-act, which becomes dominated by a less interesting villain. When the brotherly drama worked so well, this intention to raise the stakes and reconcile a broken family feels sadly perfunctory. A shame, as there was bite to this tale about owning up to past mistakes.” The Reviewing Rodders

Let the Wrong One In is more working-class, unbridled and often scattershot in its delivery. But it does end up delivering on the promise of that title, with just enough zany bite to make the lifeless stretches easier to bury.” UK Film Review

Let The Wrong One In yucks it up harder than Goofy on laughing gas and attempts an overarching metaphor about how Deco’s habits were bleeding everyone he loves dry years before Shelia passed her disease. It’s a far cry from poignant and prolific, but that’s fine because everyone’s committed to Conor McMahon’s undead playfulness no matter how monumentally silly.” What To Watch


In the United States, Let the Wrong One will be released theatrically in select locations and on Digital by Dark Sky Films on April 1, 2022. Rent or buy from Amazon

A DVD release will follow on May 10, 2022.

Cast and characters:
Karl Rice … Matt
Eoin Duffy … Deco
Anthony Head … Henry
Hilda Fay … Ma
Lisa Haskins … Natalie
Louise Bourke … Vampire Amanda
Louise McCann … Vampire Eve
Laura Murray … Alison
Mary Murray … Sheila
David Pearse … Frank

Filming locations:
Dublin, Ireland

Technical details:
1 hour 40 minutes
Aspect ratio: 1.78 : 1


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