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‘God and the Devil cannot exist in the same body’
The Exorcism of God is a 2021 supernatural horror film about a priest who becomes possessed by Satan and commits a terrible sacrilege.

Directed by Alejandro Hidalgo (The House at the End of Time) from a screenplay co-written with Santiago Fernández Calvete (A Taste of Blood). Produced by Antonio Abdo, Gonzalo Gutierrez ‘G.G.’, Alejandro Hidalgo, Karim Kabche, María Florencia Lemoine, Joel Seidl and Joe Torres.

The Mexican-American co-production stars Joseph Marcell, María Gabriela de Faría, Will Beinbrink, Irán Castillo and Hector Kotsifakis.


In an isolated Mexican town, Father Peter Williams (Will Beinbrink), an American exorcist becomes possessed by the Devil, subsequently committing a terrible sacrilege. Eighteen years later, the consequences of his sin come back to haunt him, unleashing a battle within…

” …this film has some intense imagery, like a possessed Jesus, that will keep the more pious of us up late into the evening. I’d have also liked this a bit more if it could decide what film it wanted to be: a satire against the hypocrisy of organized religion or an effects-heavy bring out the green vomit horror movie.” B&S About Movies

“A few creative scare moments arrive in demonic iterations of religious icons, but mostly Hidalgo relies on repurposing the same possession horror beats. It’s all in service of highlighting this very corrupt system but blandly written supporting players and a flat lead that never earns any absolution, redemption, or growth of any kind hamper the impact.” Bloody Disgusting

“Will Beinbrink plays the lead role in the movie, and his performance exists in the weird gray area where it isn’t big enough to be campy, but also isn’t subtle enough to have any real emotional heft to it. Like much of the rest of the film, Beinbrink is obviously trying but misses the mark due to lackluster direction.” Disappointment Media

“It is not your typical demonic possession and exorcism film[…] It has its flaws in the narrative and key performances, but the visual and special effects rock the film. The female actresses shine here and deliver unforgettable performances.” Fears Mag

“This movie will definitely appeal to anyone who is a fan of a good exorcism (who isn’t?), but I think that the bigger questions it asks will really pique the interest of those who want more than just a few good jump scares. The Exorcism of God is beautifully shot and with some great performances by Will Beinbrink and Joseph Marcell…” Grimoire of Horror

“In The Exorcism of God, you’ll see a priest doing something very wrong and wanting to confess. However, the Catholic church isn’t all that interested in dealing with the issue. Something that sounds all too familiar and an issue that the Catholic church, in particular, has dealt with. Undoubtedly, this is exactly what the filmmaker is really talking about.” Heaven of Horror

” …with skewering attacks on organized religion. The Exorcism of God is meatier and more unsettling than most exorcism films in recent memory, certain to serve up “Should I be watching this?” thoughts in many a viewer. Hidalgo knows how to deliver terror and tension, and he is aided by a solid cast.” Horror Fuel


“Director, Alejandro Hidalgo crafts one hell of an exorcism film that never suffers any slowdowns and never gives way to boredom. It’s a breakneck film with a lot of big scares. He found a creative way to take the entire genre and turn it on its ear by reversing the roles of the priest and the demon as the title would suggest. The result is a terrifying and completely wild ride.” iHorror

“There is some pretty heavy spiritual and metaphysical stuff afoot in Exorcism. Frankly, Hidalgo and co-screenwriter Santiago Fernandez Calvete warn us right from the start what is coming, but it is still unsettling when it happens. That’s some good horror filmmaking. Recommended for fans…” J.B. Spins

“Nonsensical as it is, Hidalgo still delivers an exorcism film with a few new tricks under its priest’s robe, for better or worse, along with plenty of blood-curdling scares to make up for its flaws and a wild third act that takes the terror to another level before that massive stumble. The script doesn’t always work and the emotional stakes are anything but, yet Hidalgo’s direction is super…” Killer Horror Critic

“Though definitely walking a well-trod path—and also tipping the cap iconic exorcism films like, shockingly, The ExorcistThe Exorcism of God brings along enough of its own personality so it’s never stale or too familiar. The crazier it gets, the more fun it becomes, and thankfully it gets plenty unhinged. Grade: B” The Last Thing I See

The Exorcism of God finally offers something assuredly different and undeniably weird, and in the end, that sequence amounts to nothing more than a lengthy, repetitive shouting match. It’s neither a surprise nor a disappointment—just a continuation of the movie’s meager goals for itself.” Mark Reviews Movies

“Unfortunately, while the film veers from the possession movie blueprint after the opening moments, it heads right back on course into familiar territory in the last act. Yes, the film takes the final moments a step farther, it still is all about sacrificing one soul for another. I get it. The soul is always the bartering chip for these films, but again, there has to be some way of making the final moments different that what has come before.” ML Miller

“The film is daring and outrageous like an exploitation film, but has subtlety and an underlying subtext that gives the action a lot more heft than it might appear on the surface. It’s much more interesting and has more to say than your average exorcism film…” Nightmarish Conjurings

“An energetic, imprecise take on the possession movie that provided you aren’t looking for anything profound and embrace its alternating schlocky and earnest tone you might well find something in.” Scared Sheepless

“There are genuinely unnerving jumpscares, extended bursts of violence, and loud bone-rattling roars that jangle the nerves and set your teeth on edge. It isn’t a cheap film full of one jump after another, but instead, well times scares that keep you poised for more. For fans of hyper-violence, unsettling imagery, and nervous laughter, The Exorcism of God is an entertaining triumph.” Signal Horizon

“While it strives to be more than a simple horror film, The Exorcism of God is held back from those goals by its issues with the main character. While the climactic battle is well-staged […] I found it hard to accept given Father William’s past actions. The result is a visually striking and entertaining horror film that had the potential to be something more.” Voices from the Balcony


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In the USA, Exorcism of God was released by Saban Films theatrically in select locations and on On-Demand platforms on March 11, 2022. Blu-ray and DVD releases are scheduled for April 19, 2022.


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Production companies:
Epica Pictures
Kabche Film Production
Mouth of the Devil

Technical details:
1 hour 40 minutes

$1,500,000 (estimated)

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