THE VAMPIRE AND THE VIGILANTE (2021) Preview of Rene Perez action horror



The Vampire and the Vigilante is a 2021 action horror film about a beautiful seductress who lures unsuspecting victims to her ravenous master. Meanwhile, a newly converted vampiress becomes entangled with a vigilante killer.

Written, directed and photographed by Rene Perez (Cry HavocCabalFrom Hell to the Wild WestPlaying with Dolls franchise; The Dead and the Damned and sequel).

The movie stars Emily Whitcomb (Legend of Hawes; PhobiasRighteous BloodDarkness Waits), Michael Paré (Shark Island; The Resonator: Miskatonic U; The Penthouse; Bad Moon; et al), Samantha Kruse, executive producer Joseph Camilleri, Tony Jackson, Dominic Collantes, Sierra Sherbundy, Eric David Tippett and Emily Grace Turner.

The soundtrack score was composed by The Darkest Machines aka Rene Perez.

Technical details:

75 minutes


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